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Published: 7th July 2015 Written by WSOP 2015
Updated: 11th December 2023

2015 wsop main event day 1bMore players have registered in the 2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1B, the second starting flight which had 1,716 players.

The 2014 WSOP Player of the Year, George Danzer was honored for his achievement with a banner in the Brasilia Room, he also started the day announcing “Shuffle Up and Deal”.

The last and Main Event of the World Series of Poker is currently underway at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas with a total of 2,457 players registered on the first two of the three starting days.

Hamid Feiz is the overall chipleader at the end of 2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1B which had a list of notifiable players either eliminated or surviving the day.

2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1B

Day 1B has completed and there is just one more starting day left in the Main Event, Day 1C in the most popular day for registering for the Main Event.

For Day 1C, The Rio expects a large amount of players to add to the playing field which is at 2,457 registered players combining 2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1A & Day 1B. Out of that amount of players there still 1,604 players with active chips in the Main event.888 poker free

2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1B
Buy-in: $10,000
Entrants: 1,716
Remaining: 1,134
Starting Flights: July 5th-7th at 12:00 PM

Once Day 1C registration is completed there will be a final total prize pool amount and playing field size.

Day 1B Chip Counts

  • Hamid Feiz – 182, 675 chips
  • Adil Khan – 156,800 chips
  • Srikath Koneru – 154,725 chips
  • Ed Grau – 148,800 chips
  • Marko Neumann – 146,675 chips

Notable Players

Nitsche topped the list of notable players and George Danzer proving why he won the title of 2014 WSOP Player of the Year by bagging just under 100K in chips for Day 1B.

  • Dominik Nitsche – 128,725 chips
  • Matt Salsberg – 113,025 chips
  • Shawn Cunix – 108,375 chips
  • George Danzer – 96,300 chips
  • Greg Raymer – 92,200 chips
  • Brian Hastings – 87,500 chips
  • Brian Rast – 88,825 chips
  • Todd Brunson – 57,925 chips
  • Jason Mercier – 66,325 chips
  • Jesse Sylvia – 46,650 chips
  • Phil Galfond – 33,400 chips

Eliminations Day 1B

Some of the notable poker players that hit the rail and were eliminated on 2015 WSOP Main Event Day 1B included:

  • Steve O’Dwyer
  • Galen Hall
  • Scott Seiver
  • Eugene Katchalov
  • Dan Smith
  • Rob Mizrachi
  • Eric Baldwin
  • Jonathan Little
  • Ben Lamb

2015 WSOP Main Event Day 2

Surviving players from the three starting flights return between July 8th – 9th, players from Day 2A and 2B will be playing in different locations at the Rio Casino.

  • Day 2A – Remaining players from Day 1A return on Wednesday, July 8, for 5 levels of play.
  • Day 2B – Remaining players from Day 1B return on Wednesday, July 8, for 5 levels of play.
  • Day 2C – Remaining players from Day 1C return on Thursday, July 9, for 5 levels of play.

The remaining players from Day 2AB & C will then return for Day 3 as a combined playing field.

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