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Published: 17th November 2008 Written by
Updated: 30th November 2023

Poker Tools that improve your game.

Win All Poker – Poker Odds Calculator

Poker Odds Calculator - work out your chance of winning a texas holdem hand.
Use our free Poker Odds Calculator to work out your chance of winning a Texas holdem hand.

Texas Holdem Poker Odds Calculator:

This simple poker JavaScript tool is for educational and entertainment purposes only while we have attempted to make it’s calculation as accurate as possible there are an infinite number of possible poker hands. This site will be held responsible for any gambling losses due to use of the Poker-Odds-Calculator. It is limited to two players only currently. Aces are currently only high for straights at the time being.

Magic Holdem Poker Tool


magicholdem toolMagic Holdem is an excellent poker tool which can be used to help players work out their odds,outs and probabilities of winning a hand. MagicHoldem supports more than 100 popular online poker rooms.

The Poker tool assists you in your decisions and has features like bold warnings of what your opponent might have when there is a Full House or Flush risks. The software can be adjusted to your playing style if you prefer a tighter or looser preflop and post flop approach.

Download Magic Holdem free software, the full version requires the MagicHoldem activation code which can purchased or get MagicHoldem for free by depositing at one of the selected poker rooms on offer and unlocking the software by earning the points requirement.

Get the Magic Holdem activation code

Magic Holdem  1 Year License – $89.90 or €68
MagicHoldem  2 Year License – $119.90 or €91

Available payment methods PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Cirrus and American Express.

Download Magic Holdem
Magic Holdem Review

Holdem Manager – Poker Tracking Software

holdem manager download
Hold’em Manager is one of the best online poker tracking software, keep track of your poker hands, profits and losses with details graphs and reports of your cash games and tournaments.

The software features a holdem manger HUD which attaches to the poker table you are play at and gives you real time statistics and information about all the players at the table.

Hold’em Manager Features:
– Get Tournament and Cash games reports, graphs and statistics.
– Import past hand histories for detailed hand analysis.
– Fully customize all results with many useful filters.
– Poker HUD real time stats attaches to most online poker tables.
– Poker Hand Replayer view past hands played back with hole cards exposed.
– Supports most of the popular online poker rooms.

Download the software for a free 30 day trial version or get the holdem manager free version.

Hold’em Manager Pro Version – $89.99
Hold’em Manager Pro Combo: Hold’em+Omaha – $149.99
Hold’em Manager Small Stakes Version – $54.99

Download Hold’em Manager
Hold’em Manager Review

PokerTableStats – Pokerstars Calculator

pokertablestats download
PokerTableStats is a poker odds calculator pokerstars hud with real-time poker table stats, the poker hud is pokerstars legal and can safely be used as a Pokerstars calculator.

Poker Table Stats, poker odds calculator online, works with other poker tools like Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager allowing users to transfer poker stats between programs.

The software is user-friendly and automatically attaches itself to a PokerStars table for real-time poker statistics on your opponents.

Poker Table Stats Features:
– Real-time poker table stats
– Pot Odds and poker probability
– Pokerstars HUD
– Pokerstars certified program
– View opponents Mucked Hole Cards.
– Poker odds calculator Pokerstars

Available as a free 2 day trial version – test the poker tool for free. To get a PokerTableStats license, players must subscribe to a monthly payment plan – Basic, Pro or Gold.

Basic Plan – $5.99 per month (Poker HUD not included)
Pro Plan – $7.99 per month (Poker HUD)
Gold. Plan – $9.99 per month (Poker HUD and Support)

Download PokerTableStats
PokerTableStats Review

Holdem Genius – Poker Odds Calculator Download

Holdem Genius

holdem genuis poker odds calculator - Holdem Genius is an online poker odds calculator best suited for advanced players and includes all stats and odds imaginable. The software is legal and supports more than 250 online poker rooms. Holdem Genius poker odds tool provides instant odds and advice on whether to raise, fold or call.

Click on the Holdem Genius free link and make a minimum deposit of $50 at one of the following poker rooms: UltimateBet, TitanPoker, Bwin Poker, Absolute Poker or 888 Poker, players must create a new account using the bonus code on that page to get their Holdem Genius serial number free. Depositing players will still get the poker room bonus when making a deposit however when using this method to get the poker odd calculator for free your software will be locked for 1000 hands to the room you’ve chosen to deposit at.

You can also buy the software for $99.85 which has all 250 + online poker rooms unlocked so you can use Holdem Genius while playing poker online at any poker room.

Holdem Genius Review
Download Holdem Genius
Holdem Genius Free

Calculatem Pro – Online Poker Odds Calculator

Calculatem Pro

Calculatem Pro - Free online Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator toolCalculatem Pro provides more detailed statistics and calculations than the regular version, I have found the Calculatem Pro advanced poker odds calculator to be a great aid in my decision making process in all avenues of the game, as both a poker tournament calculator and as a regular cash game calculator the tool simply works and does what it is meant to do brilliantly giving me a boost of confidence and a slight edge over my opponents.

The Pro version is available for $99.85 with all 250 poker rooms unlocked. Get Calculatem Pro for Free, just download the poker tool from the link below, install it then sign up and make a $50 minimum first deposit at any of the listed poker rooms which Calculatem Pro suggests to get a free Calculatem Pro license valid for 1 year.

Currently supports more than 250 online poker rooms including our favorites Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, PartyPoker, CarbonPoker, TitanPoker, UltimateBet, AbsolutePoker, Pacific Poker, Bodog Poker, Paradise Poker, DoylesRoom, LuckyAce Poker, Tony G, Mansion Poker, EmpirePoker, BWIN Poker, Hollywood Poker and so many more.

Calculatem Pro Review
Download Calculatem Pro

Poker Odds Calculator – Texas Calculatem

Texas Calculatem

texas calculatem

The Texas Calculatem poker tool simply attaches to your favorite online poker room table and automatically works out the odds while you’re playing, calculating outs, hand ranking and odds of winning the hand. The Poker odds calculator is very accurate and supports more than 250 online poker rooms and can be installed on Windows XP and Vista.

This software can be purchased for $69.95 or you can get the free version when making a deposit of $50 or more at your favorite poker room and you will get your Texas Calculatem serial number for free. This is not a trial version software and a serial # is required for a one year license to use this pro poker tool.

“It’s like having an Angel and Devil on each shoulder giving you hints and suggestions on what your next move should be.”

Texas Calculatem Review
Download Texas Calculatem

Holdem Indicator – Advanced Poker Odds Calculator

holdem indicator

Holdem Indicator is an advanced poker odds calculator which features poker odds and statistics in real time, get detailed information on your opponents while playing at the tables. Hold em Indicator supports more than 150 online poker sites, use the holdem calculator and poker hud to give you an edge on your opponents.

Purchase this poker tool for only €79 for a lifetime Holdem Indicator license, get free upgrades for life, no subscriptions or yearly fees.

Rated as one of the best priced poker odds calculators available, test it out for free with the Holdem Indicator trial.

Holdem Indicator Review
Holdem Indicator Download

Tournament Indicator – poker tournament calculator

tournament indicator

Tournament Indicator is not your regular poker odds calculator, it is purely an online poker tournament calculator. The poker tool was designed to help you make critical decisions with detailed stats and information relevant to the SNG and tournament environment.

Purchase a Tournament Indicator license code for only €79 and get unlimited usage with a lifetime license, free updates and support. Try before you buy, test Tournament Indicator free with the trial version.

This is the best investment for an online poker tournament player, increase your tournament winnings.

Tournament Indicator Review
Tournament Indicator Download

Omaha Indicator – omaha odds calculator

omaha indicator

Omaha Indicator is an Omaha calculator specifically designed to increase your odds of winning when playing Omaha Poker cash games. Omaha Indicator displays all your poker hand odds and opponent statistics in real time to help aid you in making correct decisions at the poker table.

Get a lifetime Omaha Indicator License for a once off price of only €79, this includes all future software updates and customer support.

Test the software for free on play money tables or read the Omaha Indicator Review for more information on how to get the omaha odds calculator for free.

Omaha Indicator Review
Omaha Indicator Download