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Published: 26th September 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 7th December 2023

Calculatem Pro - Free online Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator toolWhenever I play poker online I’m always somewhat hesitant on my abilities as a player albeit quite an experienced one (well I like to think so at least).

Calculatem Pro eliminates some of this doubt when I’m faced with tough decisions at the poker table while the Texas Hold’em poker calculator itself by no means guarantees that you will become a winning poker player, but it certainly puts your mind at ease when confronted by those uncertain judgment calls we have all become accustomed to as players, this online poker tool removes some of the edge of the situation by helping you to determine the correct play thereby making the correct call or play based on the percentages and odds rather than your gut feel or instinct.

I personally never really mind losing a hand in a bad beat so long as I can justify my play as being the “right” thing to do, the sole reason for this approach is simply, well I believe that if you make the correct decisions at crucial moments more often than not you will end up being a winning poker player in the long run.

I have tested many other online poker calculators and tools, yet none have been easier to use while providing all the pertinent information required in order to make the right play at any given moment. There are two versions of Calculatem available the regular standard Calculatem and the pro version both of which cover in excess of 250 online poker rooms, including all the rooms our site features + many more.

Poker Odds Tool Compatible rooms for Calculatem Pro:

  • Full Tilt Poker
  • PartyPoker
  • CarbonPoker
  • TitanPoker
  • Bodog Poker
  • 888 Poker
  • PokerStars
  • BWIN Poker
  • Currently supports over 250 rooms

An excellent deal is currently available for players to get a Free poker odds Calculator with a free license valid for 1 year of Calculatem Pro,  just download the poker tool from links on this page, install it then sign up and make a first deposit at any of the listed rooms that Calculatem Pro’s software suggests when running it or you can alternatively purchase a full 1 year license for $99.85 after installing the calculator.

The Pro version of Calculatem provides more detailed statistics and calculations than the regular version, I have found the Calculatem Pro hold-em odds calculator to be a great aid in my decision making process in all avenues of the game, as both a poker tournament calculator and as a regular cash game calculator the tool simply works and does what it is meant to do brilliantly giving me that little extra confidence and a slight edge over my rivals.

While this online poker odds calculator tool will certainly not turn you from a novice player into the next Daniel Negranu over night, the low price warrants the expense as often players will muck unseen hands like flushes or straights especially in the early hours of the morning when those hands are not quite so apparent, or alternatively you may even choose to get your licensed copy of Calculatem Pro for free when depositing $50 or more at the poker room of your choice from their list of rooms available, with so many rooms to choose from  plus the added information at your disposal, it may well be a viable option.

I have been testing Calculatem online poker odds calculator over the past few days now and my assessment is very positive, however let me first point out its weaknesses. Firstly the default settings are somewhat loose passive when one should rather be trying to play tight aggressive there are optional settings that you can fine tune and tweak the looseness or tightness of the advice given but so far I’m unable to find anything that I can change to make betting more aggressive, I for one certainly would not play every hand as advised by the tool – buts that’s just me, I like my fold equity and like to make raises instead of calls with decent hands otherwise I fold, that’s pretty much my only downside about this poker odds tool.

The poker hand evaluator a thermometer type display measures your hand strength with check or fold being the lowest and Raise or Re-Raise being the highest. Calculatem-Pro provides all pertinent information when making decisions regarding whether or not to remain in a hand or fold with sliders that allow you to select your style of play loose thru tight the poker online odds calculator has an extremely simple layout which is very easy to use.

Online Poker Odds Calculator – Calculatem Pro – Poker odds tools
Online Poker Tool Calculate odds texas hold em
Calculatem Pro – Poker Tool Calculatem Pro odds calculator tool
Calculatem pro poker tools

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Odds Calculator Poker
Poker Odds Tool
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Calculate odds poker
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The poker tool is a great asset to a newbie player’s arsenal and advanced players will also gain a significant boost by using the odds to their favour. For new players learning the game of poker this tool guides you through each and every step providing a solid base to play off and the medium to advanced poker player will be able take full advantage of the odds and detailed percentages Calculatem pro delivers. To take full advantage of this neat little online odds calculator one shouldn’t play exactly as the indicator poker tool suggests but rather use your own skills in combination with the detailed odds analysis it makes to make a good poker decision while varying your play and style from time to time.

Calculatem pro provides players with an always on view of your cards even once you have folded the tool continues to work out your odds while displaying your mucked hand, it calculates the Odds of the next card of hitting as well as calculating the Odds of making a hand on the River vs. a theoretical “best opponent”.

The poker tool provides a full table view which shows players who have already folded and in which betting round they folded during. One of my favourite features is the Pot vs. Call window which shows you the pot odds of calling any given bet. A neat window counts down the deck of cards showing which cards still remain in play for the hand and a Sklansky’s rating of your hole cards is always visible prior to the flop as well as your poker hand’s rank as a percentage of all possible poker hands with your Odds of winning the hand shown as either a percentage or a win ratio.

Calculatem poker hand evaluator provides an option for a mini view which places the odds calculator minimized into your poker room’s game window and a options exist to set your personal minimum hand playable by position and finally as you would expect a poker outs calculator is constantly calculating the number of outs you have. As already mentioned I strongly believe this online poker calculator software is well worth the money especially for those who frequently play online poker as the money spent should soon be returned once enough correct decisions are made or if you want a free online poker tool you may use Calculatem for free at play money games or start a trial download for 5 days to evaluate the poker tool to determine if it meets your needs.

There are frequent updates to the software, unlike many other online poker tools which no longer work along with support for many online poker rooms including all those listed on this site.

During my evaluation of this poker hand calculator I played 2 sessions each lasting for about an hour each session I bought in for $15 my first session I cashed out $38.75 playing pretty much as the tool advised and my second session netted $58.25 playing on a 10c/25c pot limit Hold’em game using the Texas Holdem poker tool Calculatem-Pro version to assist me making decisions.

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One Response to Calculatem Pro Online Poker Odds Calculator?
  • Leslie says:

    *UPDATE*** We no longer market Calculatem and the download links now point to Magic Holdem instead, due to Calculatem being taken over by new owners, they are no longer paying affiliates for legit sales we are owed over $1000 in sales since June 2010 as a result we no longer trust them or their products and it appears they are bankrupt we highly recommend not using Calculatem / Calculatem Pro or Holdem genuis as who knows what they now load into their software in hard times… Once again all links now point to Magic Hold em instead….

    Two other great points I never mentioned at the time of writing this post were:

    1. Calculatem Pro Poker Odds Calculator Tool permits you to multi-table every table you open opens a new instance of Calculatem.

    2. Calculatem is accepted as a legal poker odds tool at poker rooms, so it won’t get you banned or have your winnings confiscated, see below reference from PokerStars one of the stricter poker sites

    The following tools are permitted:

    1. Auto HandPoster
    2. BlazingStars^
    3. Calculatem Pro
    4. Coach Rounder
    5. DoN Indicator
    6. DonkeyTracker
    7. Draw Poker Source
    8. FlopZilla
    9. FlopZoom^
    10. FPP Pro Plus
    11. FreePokerDB (aka FPDB)
    12. Gam Poker Analyzer
    13. GameTime+
    14. Hold’em Cockpit
    15. Holdem Genius
    16. Holdem Helpem
    17. Holdem Indicator
    18. Holdem Manager (including Table Scanner)
    19. Holdem Partner
    20. Holdem Ranger (including RealTime HUD)
    21. HoldemLuck
    22. Holy Grail of Poker
    23. KayTeEmPro’s Odds Calculator
    24. LongHUD
    25. MagicHoldem
    26. NoteCaddy
    27. NotesNL
    28. Official Poker Rankings
    29. Omaha Brain
    30. Omaha Indicator
    31. Omaha Poker Coach
    32. Perfect Reads
    33. PH_Stars
    34. PlayerGPS
    35. PlayerPeek
    36. Poker Academy Prospector
    37. Poker Buddy
    38. Poker Butler
    39. Poker Calculator Pro by PokerProLabs
    40. Poker Copilot^
    41. Poker EV
    42. Poker Evolution Equilab
    43. Poker Evolver
    44. Poker Indicator
    45. Poker Juggernaut
    46. Poker Office
    47. Poker Potjie
    48. Poker Sharpener
    49. Poker Shortcuts
    50. Poker Sleuth
    51. Poker Sniffer
    52. Poker Stove
    53. Poker Vitals
    54. Poker Weapon
    55. Poker Wingman
    56. PokerAce HUD
    57. PokerEval (Registered Version Only)
    58. Pokerface
    59. PokerGrapher
    60. PokerHands
    61. PokerObserver HUD
    62. Poker-Spy
    63. PokerStat
    64. PokerStrategy Elephant
    65. PokerStrategy Equilator
    66. PokerTracker (including TableTracker)
    67. Pot Odd Rechner
    68. PPA Poker Calculator
    69. Sharktoolz Bankroll Manager
    70. Sharktoolz Poker-Reader
    71. SitnGo Wizard (version and newer)
    72. SmartBuddy
    73. Slice
    74. Star Tracker
    75. StoxPoker Combo
    76. Stud Indicator
    77. Table of Interest
    78. Table Shark
    79. TableNinja
    80. TableScan Turbo
    81. Telescope by SpadeIt
    82. Texas Calculatem
    83. ThePokerDB
    84. Tournament Indicator
    85. Tournament Shark
    86. Tournament Updater
    87. Tourney Manager

    This list was last updated July 31st 2010.

    ^ compatible with Mac OS X only
    # In general, what kinds of tools and services are prohibited?
    # The following types of tools and services are prohibited:

    1. Any program that shares hole card data with other players or programs is colluding, and is prohibited.
    2. Any program that works off of a central database of player profiles or hands played is prohibited.
    3. Any program that plays without human intervention (a ‘bot’) or reduces the requirement of a human playing. For instance, an ‘auto-folder’ is prohibited.
    4. The practice of datamining (observing games without playing in order to build up a database of hand histories for future reference) is prohibited.
    5. Any software that offers direct game play advice on the appropriate action to take.

    # The following are etools and services which are prohibited:

    1. Advanced Poker Calculator
    2. CardAnalyzer
    3. FullAutoHoldem
    4. Gambot
    5. Hand HQ
    6. HH Repository
    7. HHCollector
    8. HHdealer
    9. hhSmithey
    10. Hold’em Watcher
    11. Holdem Hawk
    12. Holdem Inspector a.k.a. Online Holdem Inspector
    13. Holdem Pirate
    14. Holdem Spy
    15. ICM-Bot
    16. iHH Harvester
    17. Mandraker
    18. MyPokerIntel
    19. NoLimitFoldem
    20. Online Omaha High Inspector
    21. Online Poker Bot
    22. Online Tournament Inspector
    23. Open Holdem Bot
    24. OPI Wizard
    25. Paragon Poker Pal
    26. Poker Android
    27. Poker Bloodhound
    28. Poker Bot+
    29. Poker Crusher
    30. Poker Edge
    31. Poker Inspector a.k.a. Online Poker Inspector
    32. Poker Mate
    33. Poker Prophecy
    34. Poker Sherlock
    35. Poker Sidekick
    36. Poker Table Manager
    37. Poker Usher
    38. POKERobot
    39. Preflop Autofolder
    40. Preflop Poker Bot
    41. Seeker
    42. Sense Mind
    43. SharkMate
    44. Sit And Go Shark
    45. Sit n’ Go Brain
    46. Sixth Sense
    47. SmartCollector a.k.a. Mixed Harvesters
    48. SpadeEye
    49. Stars Hand History (SHH)
    50. StarSpy
    51. StatsForPoker
    52. Stud Inspector v1
    53. Table Ratings aka Poker Table Ratings
    54. Texas Auto Fold
    55. WinHoldem

    This list was last updated July 31st 2010.

    There are some tools and services which have legitimate uses for analysing your game, but which are not appropriate for use during play. For example, ICM (Independent Chip Model) and Nash Equilibrium tools may be used for post-game analysis and for studying hands which you have previously played. Also, there are some web-based results databases, and its fine to use these to look at your own results. However, you may not use such a tool while the PokerStars software is open.

    Some examples of tools and services which are prohibited only while PokerStars is running are:

    1. Holdem Advantage
    2. Holdem Radar
    3. ICM Poker
    4. Insight Poker Hound*
    5. Limit Hold’em Pre-flop Hand Advisor by Intellipoker
    6. Poker Player Database
    7. PokerAnalytics
    8. Pokerazor
    9. Pokerbility
    10. PokerKant
    11. PokerStrategy ICM Trainer
    12. PokerZion No-limit Advisor
    13. SAGE Decision Calculator
    14. SharkScope (including SharkScope HUD)
    15. Short Stacking Strategy Calculator
    16. Sit n’Go End Game Tools
    17. SitnGo Wizard (v1.0.1.162 and older)**
    18. SNG Power Tools
    19. Spade ICM
    20. StoxEV
    21. STT Analyzer by PokerSoftware Tools

    This list was last updated July 31st 2010.

    * PH Stars (a compliant version of Insight Poker Hound) is permitted
    ** SitnGo Wizard version and later is permitted



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