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Published: 27th August 2018 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th January 2024

unfold holdem pokerstarsUnfold Holdem Poker is a new poker game on PokerStars where players can win a pot even after they have folded their hand pre-flop.

Ever kicked yourself for folding your hand pre-flop only to see that you would have hit the nuts by showdown? Well then this is the poker game for you.

With Unfold Holdem Poker, player pays the unfold ante each round. This builds a pot for the winner who has the best hand at showdown regardless if they folded.

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Unfold Holdem Poker

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Get cash back from your bad beats when playing the new Unfold Holdem PokerStars cash game which is now available in the lobby. The cash game requires at least four players to be seated before the unfold pot is active.

The game is similar to regular Texas Holdem Poker expect that a separate unfold pot is collect until the hand is completed.

All players pay the unfold ante at the start of each hand, this amount accumulates into the unfolded pot.

Folded players will have the option to unfold their hand once the flop has been dealt and are required to pay the unfold bet (total amount of unfolded pot) to rejoin gameplay.

Once a folded player re-enters the hand they can no longer make any additional bets. They will watch the remainder of the hand be played out.

At the end of the round the Unfolded pot is paid out to the player with the best five card hand.

If the hand does not reach showdown the remainder of the board cards will be dealt to determine the unfolded pot winner.

Players will be refunded their unfold antes if: the hand ends pre-flop, less than two players fold pre-flop or none of the players click the unfold button.