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Published: 15th October 2018 Written by Poker Tips
Updated: 9th January 2024

The Mental Game of Poker Jared TendlerThe Mental Game of Poker is a new video series by Jared Tendler and proudly sponsored by 888poker.

Get free mental poker coaching and get your head into the game, become a more focused poker player with some great advice from author Jared Tendler.

This poker video series is jam packed with advice on how to deal with certain situations at the poker table both live and online.

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The Mental Game of Poker Jared Tendler


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Author Jared Tendler has created a free video series of mental poker coaching for 888poker players. He has published several poker books on the topic which can be purchased on Amazon.

Mental Poker Coaching Playlist

The Mental Game of Poker video series are a collection of short clips you can watch on the playlist, see the topics below to skip to the relevant sections:

  1. Keep Your Mind on Your Poker and Your Poker on Your Mind
  2. Time for a Poker Mind Spring Cleaning
  3. Aargh! Why Did I Make that River Call?
  4. Learning to Take it on the Chin in Poker
  5. Tips for Staying Alert at the Poker Table
  6. Mind Tricks to Make You a Better Poker Player
  7. Variance Is a Part of Poker Life – Get Used to It
  8. Ever Had that Gut Feeling at the Poker Table? Ignore It!
  9. Look in to My Poker Soul. What Do You See?
  10. Getting That Decision Swing Right at the Poker Table
  11. Upping Your Poker Mental Endurance
  12. Poker Can be a Tough Game: How Do I Cope?
  13. Keep Track of Your Mental Ups and Downs
  14. Achieving Poker Excellence Can Be a Long Journey
  15. Poker Is Never Personal – Leave the Drama at the Door

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