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Get academy poker lessons with tips and tricks from pros to help improve your poker game.

The Mental Game of Poker Jared TendlerThe Mental Game of Poker is a new video series by Jared Tendler and proudly sponsored by 888poker.

Get free mental poker coaching and get your head into the game, become a more focused poker player with some great advice from author Jared Tendler.

This poker video series is jam packed with advice on how to deal with certain situations at the poker table both live and online.

Double your deposited amount up to $400 when making your first deposit at 888poker.

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jackpot sng strategy poker888With the release of the new popular poker format, Jackpot SNG Strategy is needed to win at these Sit n Go tournaments.

While this strategy will apply to most of the variations of Jackpot SNG tournaments we are specifically focusing on 888 Blast Poker.

The first thing to note is the amount of players that are seated at the table, in most cases just three of four players. This is less than half the amount of players that are seated at a regular 9-10 handed SNG game.

The countdown timer and two minute blind level make the tournaments fast paced adding more pressure at the tables.

There is currently 888Poker Blast Poker promotion running where you can win tournament tickets and much more.

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Jackpot SNG Strategy – Blast Poker 888

cash games vs tournamentsCash Games vs Tournaments & SNG what are the differences and which poker format best suits your poker needs? Specializing in one of the formats could be beneficial instead of learning the complexities of both formats.

Three major factors determine which poker format you should be focusing on: how much time you have to invest, poker variance and your poker skill level.

See the pros and cons of cash games and tournaments and differences which make each format unique for both live and online poker games.

Cash Games, Tournaments & SNG

carbon poker academyThe Carbon Poker Academy features free poker training videos from more than 30 poker coaches from DragTheBar.

There are three basic courses available to teach players how to play Texas Holdem, poker tournaments and Pot Limit Omaha.

Watch the free poker training videos to help improve your poker game and give you an edge on your competition.

Use the Carbon Poker Odds Calculator, a free poker tool available to all registered CarbonPoker players.

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Carbon Poker Academy – free poker training videos

pokerstars play money chipsPlayers can now buy PokerStars play money chips using there real money in their PokerStars account.

PokerStars are adapting to a system similar to Zynga Poker where players can buy large amount of PokerStars play money chips for real money.

PokerStars have added high stakes poker play money games where players need large amounts of play money chips to enter.

The new feature is most probably to target players using the PokerStars Play Facebook app and steal some of the profits from the play money poker sites.

Zynga Poker leads PokerStars for the amount of play money players online with almost five time more play money poker traffic.

PokerStars Bonus

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