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Poker Tips

poker tipsLearn the basics of online poker with just five simple poker tips for beginners these include playing tight, which cards to play, reading other players, patience and using a free poker tool.

Poker is not a game you will learn in a day it will take some time before you master the art of winning and see some profit from it.

Start off small and work your way up the stake levels, invest the time and patience to become an experienced online poker player.

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uwinpokerFinding soft poker games has become a much harder task in recent times as online poker player skills have advanced over the last couple years as a direct result of information and tutorials on how to best play just about every poker hand scenario under the sun thanks to the internet all the answers are at the touch of a few keys.

In all fairness, weak poker games can be found at all rooms but from my general observations the more popular a poker room is the tighter the games appear to be.

Take Pokerstars for instance even the micro-stakes games are filled to the brim with players with advanced knowledge and capabilities to play a wide range of styles filled with deceptive play and tight as hell players never willing to take a bit of a gamble if the odds aren’t in their favor. Then the higher you advance in limits at Pokerstars the skill levels of those found grinding just increases exponentially making it extremely difficult to show a profit for your hard day’s play.

Luckily, there are some poker rooms still available that a stocked full with fish who are will to take long shots on unfavorable odds with little knowledge of how to play poker let alone hand rankings and the like.

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PokerStars HotKeys and keyboard shortcuts for Poker Stars hot keysRecently PokerStars have updated their software to include several new features; among the most useful of these new features is the ability for a player to set customized PokerStars HotKeys.

A Hot Key is basically a shortcut key for performing an action by pressing a keyboard button or a combination of keyboard strokes to perform an action.

PokerStars HotKeys are still in Beta stage but are available for anyone to use, to activate the hotkey feature simply enable it via Options > Hot Key Settings > Enable hotkeys then manually configure your preferred PokerStars keyboard shortcuts per action for example you could set the C button on your keyboard to perform the action of calling and the F key to mean fold, for more in depth information about configuring the hotkeys for PokerStars see the images that follow below.

Another pretty nice feature that perplexes many a player at Pokerstars is:

How to Show One Card Only at PokerStars?

Answer: To show one card after folding at PokerStars, firstly ensure that the options to always muck cards are disabled, these options can be found from the lobby under Options > Showing / Mucking hands > “Muck loosing hands” should be off as should “Don’t show winning hand”, they should all be unticked. To show one card you can click on your card you wish to show and it will become enlarged with an eye on it, if you wish to show both your cards then click on both. For more information about showing one card at PokerStars see the images that follow below.

The full PokerStars Hotkey list showing all available standard shortcut keys follows in the rest of this article. bonus code – STARS600

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Common Mistakes Playing AKAll too often when I play no limit hold’em poker online, lately at UWinPoker, I see players shoving all-in pre-flop holding AK or even worse re-raising all-in after a substantial raise.

My problem with this play is that it wrong, at the end of the day the player only has AK and more often than not needs to hit either an Ace or a King to even stand a chance of taking down the pot.

Surely the best scenario when holding those two potentially good starting cards is to at least see the flop then plan your course of action once more cards are laid out on the board.

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draw poker games fulltiltpokerFull Tilt Poker have added three new Draw Poker games which offer players a break from the regular Texas Holdem Poker format. Learning how to play different poker games will help increase your overall poker skills.

FullTiltPoker players can now play 2-7 Single Draw, 2-7 Triple Draw and Badugi poker online at the popular poker room.

Get a 100% bonus up to $600 when making your first deposit on FullTilt Poker where players can learn and chat with the pros online.

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