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Published: 5th April 2012 Written by Poker Tips
Updated: 4th December 2023

uwinpokerFinding soft poker games has become a much harder task in recent times as online poker player skills have advanced over the last couple years as a direct result of information and tutorials on how to best play just about every poker hand scenario under the sun thanks to the internet all the answers are at the touch of a few keys.

In all fairness, weak poker games can be found at all rooms but from my general observations the more popular a poker room is the tighter the games appear to be.

Take Pokerstars for instance even the micro-stakes games are filled to the brim with players with advanced knowledge and capabilities to play a wide range of styles filled with deceptive play and tight as hell players never willing to take a bit of a gamble if the odds aren’t in their favor. Then the higher you advance in limits at Pokerstars the skill levels of those found grinding just increases exponentially making it extremely difficult to show a profit for your hard day’s play.

Luckily, there are some poker rooms still available that a stocked full with fish who are will to take long shots on unfavorable odds with little knowledge of how to play poker let alone hand rankings and the like.

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Looking for a Soft Poker Game?

One such poker room is UWinPoker which is part of the Everleaf Gaming network, the network is never really busy but there is sufficient traffic for cash games and a few tournaments.

The cash games at UWinPoker are great they are filled with many novice players who can be found constantly betting at pots that they should have stayed well clear of all trying a last minute ditch at an all-in on the river trying to buy the pot with a low pair or worse.

UWin Poker tableUWin Poker lobbyUWin Poker online

On the tournament side, not much is available, a couple of guaranteed tourneys that often don’t make the guarantee amount so an advantageous overlay is often the case and small playing fields making it far easier to cash in a much shorter time frame unlike Pokerstars where the tournaments attract so many players that it takes hours until you make the cut and unless you win or finish on the final table you have pretty much wasted your time.

Stake levels at UWin Poker vary No-Limit Hold’em cash games can be found from as low as 1/2 Euro cents and range up to 100/200 Euro tables, but some serious value can be found playing from the 10/20 cents levels up to 1/ 2 Euro cash games, Italians and Russians are plentiful, I will leave it at that.

Heads-up games can also be found under the sit n go tab for as low as 9+1 Euro cents all the way up to 480 Euros + 20, some seriously good games can be found at 5 Euro, 10 Euro and 20 Euro Heads up matches even though it may take a while to find a challenger.

If Omaha is your game then you will also want to check out UWin Poker’s Omaha Cash games pretty weak to say the least but unfortunately Omaha hi/lo isn’t as popular with only the occasional game on the go.

Seriously, if you are looking for weak, loose games filled with poker donkeys and fish galore then look no further also bear in mind not all the players are that bad the key is in table selection and that sometimes even the long shots come home.

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