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Published: 28th December 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th January 2024

PokerStars Worldwide bonus codes

Updated 2014: added PokerStars Bulgaria

In the ever changing world of online poker with the challenges it presents in terms of licenses and each country’s unique laws and legislation regarding online poker, Pokerstars the current world leader in poker traffic have needed to adapt their approach to retain their coveted crown of busiest poker room online.

We suspect 2012 will continue to bring out new laws and legal requirements for poker rooms to adhere to.PokerStars have done remarkably well despite being closed to the USA which was for many years was their main source of revenue.

In order to accommodate the changes and comply with local legislation, PokerStars have obtained licenses in those regions permitting them to do so and have opened several foreign domains to cater for the demand. In doing so, PokerStars now offer several new bonus codes which are region specific.

On the downside it can be a bit tricky for players not knowing where they can or are meant to play at this article will cover the basic information about PokerStars worldwide and the bonus codes they offer per region and respective domain suffix.

The up side of covering so many regions is that PokerStars now supports many languages by default and by doing so is making online poker truly global.

PokerStars bonus code 2014: STARS600

Download PokerStarspokerstars bonus code 2012

PokerStars Bonus Codes Worldwide 2014

Sites using PokerStars Bonus Code: STARS600

The following PokerStars domains use the first deposit bonus code STARS600 when making your first three deposits within 90 days, simply use STARS600 when making your first deposit at PokerStars to get a 100% deposit match bonus up to $600/€465/£390/CAD $625 the currency is dependent on your chosen base currency and players have 6 months to clear the bonus.

The PokerStars bonus is cleared in increments of 10 of your base currency requiring 17 times the bonus amount to be earned in player points (VPPs) to fully clear.

PokerStars International Site in English:

• The main domain for PokerStars Internationally.

PokerStars mirror of the International Site in English:

• The EU mirror of the main international site.

PokerStars mirror of the International Site in English:

• PokerStars licensed site in Bulgaria added in 2014.

PokerStars Czech site:

• PokerStars Czech Republic site.

PokerStars Hungarian site:

• PokerStars Hungary site.

PokerStars Dutch site:

• PokerStars Netherlands site, was but updated to

PokerStars Polish site:

• PokerStars Poland site.

PokerStars Portuguese site:

• PokerStars Portuguese site for Portugal only, for other Portuguese e.g. Brazil use:

PokerStars Swedish site:

• PokerStars Sweden site.

PokerStars Slovenian site:

• PokerStars Slovenia site.

PokerStars Bulgarian site:

• PokerStars Bulgaria site.

PokerStars Spanish site:

• For other Spanish language countries use:

PokerStars French Language (not France) site:

• PokerStars in French language, for France see below

PokerStars German site:

• PokerStars Germany site.

PokerStars Greek site:

• PokerStars Greece site.

PokerStars Hungarian site:

• PokerStars Hungary site.

PokerStars Icelandic site:

• PokerStars Iceland site.

PokerStars Latvian site:

• PokerStars Latvia site.

PokerStars Lithuanian site:

• PokerStars Lithuania site.

PokerStars Norwegian site:

• PokerStars Norway site.

PokerStars Brazilian site:

• PokerStars Brazil site.

PokerStars Romanian site:

• PokerStars Romania site.

PokerStars Finish site:

• PokerStars Finland site.

PokerStars Russian site:

• PokerStars Russia site.

PokerStars Serbian site:

• PokerStars Serbia site.

PokerStars Chinese site:

• PokerStars China site.

PokerStars USA Closed

• PokerStars is closed to America and no longer allow Americans to sign up, deposit or play at their site due to local legislation. It is rumored that some USA players use virtual private network (VPN) to play but anyone caught playing from the USA will have their poker stars account frozen.

Sites using other PokerStars Bonus Codes Bonus Code: STARS400

New PokerStars GBP bonus for UK players £400 First Deposit Bonus, players must use bonus code STARS400 when making their first deposit. Bonus Code: FIRSTBE the Belgium version of PokerStars offers first deposit freerolls, use the bonus code ‘FIRSTBE’ when making your first real money deposit, and for every €10 deposit, get an Instant Reward Sit & Go ticket with a guaranteed prize value of €10. Once you’ve made your qualifying deposit for the First Deposit Freerolls, an Instant Reward Sit & Go ticket will be added to your account for every 220 VIP Player Points (VPPs) you earn.

Currency Deposit Amount Clearance Rate

EUR (€) €10 220 VPPs per Instant Reward Sit & Go Ticket

USD ($) $15 225 VPPs per Instant Sit & Go Ticket

GBP (£) £9 225 VPPs per Instant Reward Sit & Go Ticket

CAD ($) $15 225 VPPs per Instant Sit & Go Ticket Bonus Code: EE100 is Estonia’s version of Pokerstars players need to use EE100 as their bonus code to get a 100% up to $600 / €465. Bonus Code: DK100 is Denmark’s new version of Pokerstars in Danish players need to use DK100 as their bonus code to get a 100% up to $600. Bonus Code: BONUS500, players from France should use BONUS500 as their deposit bonus code at to get a 100% up to €500 bonus when depositing for the first time. Bonus Code: bonus1000 the Italian version of Pokerstars for Italy, use bonus code bonus1000 to get a 100% up to €1000 sign up first deposit bonus. Bonus Code: EURO500 the licensed version of Pokerstars for Spain, use bonus code EURO500 to get a 100% up to €500 first deposit bonus.

Other PokerStars Domains – PokerStars official blog covers the latest news and events from PokerStars. – The free money version of PokerStars as seen in many TV ads. – Watch poker videos and lessons from your favorite PokerStars Pros.

PokerStars Reload Bonuses

Pokerstars at times may offer reload bonus codes, these are usually sent out by email to existing players or can be seen in the lobby or on their website. We will publish any PokerStars reload bonus code in 2012 on our site once details are announced. Reload bonuses give players an additional deposit bonus for reloading their account when depositing at PokerStars.

2012 PokerStars bonus code: STARS600

Download PokerStarspokerstars bonus code 2012