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Published: 3rd December 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 6th December 2023

holdem genius - We’ve saved the best for last in our review of Texas Hold’em online poker odds calculators in our review of Holdem Genius; we have already covered two similar poker tools in Calculatem and Calculatem Pro all three poker odds tools are made by the same software developer. Our full reviews of these poker tools can be found here:

CalculatemCalculatem ProHoldem Genius

The regular Calculatem is tailored to novice players while the Pro version of Calculatem caters to intermediate poker players and Holdem Genius is best suited for advanced players and includes all stats and poker odds imaginable.

Holdem Genius Texas Holdem Odds Calculator does pretty much all it can do legally without getting you banned from a poker room i.e. it does not make use of databases or make calculations based on your opponents hand history which seems to be the border  line drawn by the many online poker rooms out there as to which tools are permissible for online usage, they seem to be fine with poker odds tools that calculate odds of winning a hand on the fly vs. those that use player databases of previously played hands or hand histories.

The advantage of using a poker odds calculator is quite simply to improve your odds of showing a profit, it has been proven that taking the correct decisions and playing the best statistical play equates to making a profit in the long term this is especially true for no limit Hold’em as correct percentage play is well rewarded vs. other forms of poker this can be seen by the abundance of professional players we see on TV.  These pro players must have an advantage over their rivals or else how could they always be in the money or continue making a profit by playing poker, the answer is quite simple, they know the odds and continually apply them to their favour which equates to turning over a profit in the long run.

Holdem Genius is a poker tool that does just that, calculates your poker odds and advises you as to the best statistical play you could make for that given hand, sure you may hit that set of dues after folding a pair of pocket two’s but the idea is to think long term and start making some money by making informed decisions and making the correct call. Holdem-Genius allows you to play your Texas Holdem hands like a pro by playing technically perfect Texas Holdem game which is a great weapon to posses in your arsenal.

The Holdem Genius poker tool automatically attaches to your poker room’s window and forms part of the layout with easy to see stats and odds at that can allow you to dominate your opposition by taking the guess work out of the game.

For the more advanced poker players that do their own calculations manually this tool provides a great aid as their calculations can be checked and improved upon.

HoldemGenius.exe calculates pot odds on each card, shows which hands can beat you, your odds of drawing an out all while supporting multiple tables simultaneously. The tool utilizes advanced mathematical algorithms based on fold depth, pot odds, opponents and position to provide you with the most accurate poker advice for any given hand.

holdem genius - poker odds calculator

Download Poker Tools

CalculatemCalculatem ProHoldem Genius

Holdem Genius is fully customizable to suite your style of play and supports over 250 online poker rooms including all the rooms our site covers and many more:

Poker Odds Calculator Compatible rooms for Holdem Genius:

  • FullTiltPoker
  • Party Poker
  • Carbon Poker
  • Titan Poker
  • 888Poker
  • BodogPoker
  • PokerStars
  • BWIN Poker
  • Currently supports over 250 rooms
holdem genius - poker odds calculatorholdem genius KA
holdem genius poker odds calculatorholdem genius odds calculator poker

I personally continually use Holdem Genius whenever I play online at Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars, while I do not follow all the advice it offers to the “T” as I find the recommendations a bit loose preflop and not aggressive enough with big hands, but this is all adjustable from within the settings. Where it best helps me is the poker odds tool provides me instant odds for me to decide if I should raise, fold or call.

The feature I best like about HoldemGenius is it’s instant calculation of pot odds, this has been a great help to me knowing exactly when to play especially from small blind when several callers are in on a hand, I have seen an improvement on hands I would usually fold making up a huge hand and taking down a big pot just because I called from the small blind to have a look, the other times it helps out is with flush and straight draws vs. pot odds.

Holdem Genius can be obtained free or purchased outright, either option is great as even buying it for $99.85 the retail price is well worth the advice the poker odds calculator provides especially for those who play a fair share online. A free license for Holdem Genius is the alternate option, where you can open a new account at another poker room get your full deposit bonus and get a free license for the tool.

Get Holdem Genius Free

The steps for getting Holdem Genius free are:

1) Use our links to navigate to the site then select a room from those on offer, at the time of our review the choices to get Holdem Genius free were: PartyPoker, 888Poker, TitanPoker and BWIN.

2) Open a poker room account with one of their chosen rooms use their deposit bonus code, then create a new account deposit $50 or more and you will get your free Holdem Genius license key free within two business days

The choice is all yours, obviously getting Holdem Genius for free is a bit more involved and time consuming also you will be playing at an unfamiliar room so it may just be worth your while to purchase the software directly for $99.85, like I said the choice is all yours.