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Published: 23rd September 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 7th December 2023

texas calculatemTexas Calculatem is one of the best Poker tools available at present supporting more than 250 poker rooms. The software simply attaches to your favorite poker room table and automatically works out the odds while you’re playing. Thanks to this handy poker tool I managed to double my bankroll while testing and reviewing it for a few hours.

This Poker tool guides you through your hands giving you accurate odds and also calculating outs while each card is dealt. It’s like having an Angel and Devil on each shoulder hinting and suggesting what your next move should be.

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calculatem texasWe highly recommend this pro poker tool to all online poker players from novice to advanced level. It’s not always easy to workout your odds and outs while playing poker online. We put Texas Calculatem to the test at Full Tilt Poker and were very impressed with the results in fact on some of the hands I felt bad taking the other players money whenever they lost with a bad beat hand.

I came across a really awkward situation where in most cases I would probably have folded but kept listening to the devil on my shoulder, Texas Calculatem, and made the right calls and bets to double my stack almost every time.

I was dealt 6h7s being in late position as I joined a table and posted my blinds with three other player limping in. The flop revealed [4h-2h-3h] leaving me in good position with a straight draw and possible flush or straight flush. One of the players only raised $0.06 holding [Jh Ah], the poker odds calculator suggested that I bet or call a small raise. Normally I would have folded in this situation thinking the player already had a low flush or ACE of hearts but the bet was not too high so I did what Texas Calculatem advised me to do.

Call it luck or the poker planets aligning a [5h] was dealt as the turn card giving me the nut straight flush, now I know I have the strongest possible hand even against the ACE of hearts. The devil whispered ” You have the nuts hand” and flames were almost bursting out of the betting meter, so I pushed all in and to my surprise I was called by my opponent who also was holding the lower version of the Straight flush, a real bad beat situation which paid off in my favor.

Click on the screenshots below to see Texas Calculatem Poker Odds Calculator in action

Pre-flop Pocket Kingspre flop kkNut Straightstraight odds
Straight / Royal Flushodds royal flushNut Straight Flushodds straight flush

The best thing about this poker tool is it works with virtually every poker room I can think of including most of the poker rooms we promote on this site.

PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker, Betfair Poker, Titan Poker, Party Poker, Bwin Poker and 888-Poker.

Texas Calculatem is an advanced poker calculator which works on both Windows XP and Vista. The Poker Odds Calculator retails for $69.95 for a one year license and is worth every penny and in the long run should pay for itself by assisting you and improving your poker skills while you play. There is also a free option where players can make a minimum of $50 deposit at their favorite poker room and will get the poker odds calculator totally free, on top of the poker room deposit bonus. However the software will have a 1000 hand limit to the poker room you choose to deposit at, after that all of the 250 rooms will be unlocked. This is not a trial program download and a Texas Calculatem serial number is required to use this poker tool software.

Texas Calculatem Features
Mini Mode – a slim version which can be position on top or below your table which is great for multi-table play.
Advanced settings – adjust to your style of play loose or tight settings for post and pre-flop play
Get real time stats on every street and use the poker tool for calculating outs.

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