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Published: 8th May 2012 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th January 2024

omaha indicator - omaha calculatorOmaha Indicator is an Omaha calculator specifically designed to increase your odds of winning when playing Omaha Poker cash games. Omaha Indicator displays all your poker hand odds and opponent statistics in real time to help aid you in making correct decisions at the poker table.

The Omaha Odds Calculator is an approved Pokerstars poker tool and also supports more than 150 online poker sites including the popular poker rooms: PartyPoker, 888Poker, and TitanPoker.

The software can be purchased for a once off lifetime Omaha Indicator license for only €79, download Omaha Indicator free trial version to test the Omaha calc with all it’s features for free on play money tables.

Omaha Indicator Download

Omaha Indicator

Omaha Indicator can be used on Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo cash games. The omaha calculator displays your win odds, pot odds and outs instantly on every street. The Omaha HUD shows detailed information on all the players seated at the table.

Omaha Indicator also reads your opponents poker playing style based on the hands played at the table. This helps you identify the fish from the good players, information on how your opponent plays can be extremely valuable in how you play against them. Increase your profits by targeting your opponents weakness which can be seen in their stats (tight, loose or overplaying hands).

Omaha Indicator Download

Omaha Indicator Features

  • Shows your starting hand strength and also rates the hand using Hutchison Points.
  • Hand Replayer – replay all your poker hand histories and sessions to find any leaks in your game.
  • View opponents’ mucked hole cards after showdown
  • Get alerts when you have the nuts, and know when you have your opponent beat.
  • Pokerstars approved Omaha odds calculator

The Omaha Indicator software was developed by the same poker tools company that created Holdem Indicator, Tournament Indicator, and Stud Indicator.

Omaha Indicator License

Get a lifetime Omaha Indicator License for a once off price of €79, this includes all future software updates and customer support. Your Omaha Indicator License never expires and there are no additional costs once the omaha calc software has been purchased.

Download Omaha Indicator

Test the software for free on play money tables, this also let’s you test to see if the omaha calculator works with your favorite online poker sites.

Omaha Indicator Free

Players can get a Omaha Indicator license for free by downloading the omaha odds calculator, when you launch the software for the first time a pop-up displays a special offer to download one of several poker sites and make a deposit of $50. Unlock Omaha Indicator by playing 400 real money raked hands using the omaha calculator.

Omaha Indicator Screen Shots

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