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Published: 17th April 2012 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 4th December 2023

pokertablestats poker table statsPokerTableStats is a poker odds calculator pokerstars hud with real-time poker table stats, the poker hud is pokerstars legal and is listed as a certified Pokerstars calculator.

Poker Table Stats, poker odds calculator online, works with other poker tools like Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager allowing users to transfer poker stats between programs.

The software is user-friendly and automatically attaches itself to a PokerStars table for real-time poker statistics on your opponents.

PokerTableStats Downloadpoker table stats

PokerTableStats Poker Odds Calculator

This poker tool offers everything you need to keep ahead of the competition, the only downside is that it is limited to Pokerstars and is not compatible with any other online poker rooms. But if you only play poker online on the worlds largest poker site then this PokerStars calculator is the perfect solution for you.

Get real-time poker statistics while you play, with poker outs, odds and probabilities helping you with your decisions at the poker table. The software also reveals the mucked hole cards your opponents, giving you vital information on their playing style.

Poker Table Stats is an certified program for Pokerstars so you won’t have your account blocked for using it.

PokerTableStats Features

Here are some of the features available on the PokerTableStats poker odds calculator.pokertablestats poker table stats

  • Poker odds calculator Pokerstars
  • Real-time poker table stats
  • Pot Odds and poker probability
  • Pokerstars HUD
  • Works with PokerTracker and Holdem Manager
  • Legal Pokerstars certified program
  • View opponents Mucked Hole Cards
  • Support for Gold plan customers

Download PokerTableStats

PokerTableStats License

Test out the pokerstars hud with a two day trial software or purchase a copy to get the pokertablestats license key.

Free Two Day Trial
Basic: $5.99 per month (Poker HUD not included)
Pro: $7.99 per month (Poker HUD)
Gold: $9.99 per month (Poker HUD and Support)

Poker Table Stats Screen Shots

pokertablestats hud pokerpokertablestats poker odds calculator online
download poker table statspoker table stats download

Click on the images to see pokertablestats in action. For more poker tools click on the link for reviews of poker huds and software that is compatible with several online poker sites.

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