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Published: 6th September 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 4th December 2023

Hold'em Manager 2 Beta PokerHold’em Manager 2 Beta has been released with some great new features added to make the poker tracking software even better, new features include: new interface, performance up to three times faster than HM1, new Poker HUD plus a new HM Poker Mobile app which allows players to share their favorite hands on the popular social network sites.

Hold’em Manager 2 allows players to learn from their mistakes using the poker hand replayer that plays back all your downloaded hand histories from just about every online poker room you play at. The Poker HUD updates in real time and let’s you gain important information and stats on your opponents.

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Hold’em Manager 2 – HM2 Beta

We were impressed with HM1 when we did our Hold’em Manager Review since then the poker tracking software has released an update HM2 which is still currently in Beta mode. Hold’em Manager has had a complete new make over with far more user friendly functions and layout with a fully customizable home page view.

Existing users can update their HM1 to the new Hold’em Manager 2 beta software, new users can download Hold’em Manager and upgrade to the HM2 beta version for free.

The software supports many online poker rooms see the holdem manager review page for more information, we tested the HM2 beta version on the Everleaf Gaming Network poker room UWin Poker.

holdem manager poker stats

HM2 New Features Video

Hold’em Manager 2 – New Features

  • Redesigned User Friendly interface with access to all the information and stats.
  • Increased performance up to three times faster the HM1 on importing hand histories.
  • Reports for both cash game and tournament players, full graphs and stat views.
  • New Poker HUD, view all the player stats in real time, attaches to table.

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New Poker HUD Hold’em Manager

holdem manager poker hud

The Poker HUD when launched simply attaches itself to the table of the online poker room and gives you stats in real time, the HUD has been redesigned with new options for viewing stats. There are also many preset HUDs which were never an option in HM1, the presets make it easier to implement the HUD with no configuring required.

HM Poker Mobile App

The new Hold’em Manager Mobile App can be used to watch poker tutorial videos, replay hands and share them on social networks using your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, the Android mobile version is still currently under construction and should be released soon.

Hold’em Manager Sync

Another great new feature for players who own a desktop PC and a laptop and play poker on both computers, HM sync allows players to sync their Hold’em Manager poker tracking software with more than one computer. Players can benefit from this feature for six months free thereafter an additional fee of $20 per year will be required.

Customizable User Interface

The new Hold’em Manager 2 features a fully customizable home page which allows users to choose what they would like displayed when logging in including 3rd party widgets from popular poker industry sites like CardRunners, 2+2, Poker Strategy,, CardPlayer and