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Published: 31st October 2016 Written by WSOP, WSOP 2016
Updated: 9th January 2024

2016 wsop main event final table updatesThe 2016 WSOP Main Event final table began on Sunday, October 30 with four eliminations within the first 100 hands dealt.

The first day of the final table saw Qui Nguyen take the chip lead of more than double the stack of the original chipleader Cliff Josephy.

Watch the final table episodes with over five hours of final table footage uploaded to YouTube by the official World Series of Poker.

The remaining five players will be back on Monday and play will continue until just three players remain. The Main Event champion will be crowned on Tuesday November 1, 2016.

2016 WSOP Main Event Final Table Updates

The big day begins with millions of dollars on the line, we are greeted by commentators Lon Mceachern, Norman Chad and three-time bracelet winner Antonio Esfandiari.

Tournament director Jack Effel announces the seats and current blinds, the two newest members of the Poker Hall of Fame Todd Brunson and Carlos Mortensen get the honor of announcing “Shuffle Up and Deal”.

There is lots of support for chipleader and favorite Cliff Josephy who is the only player on the final table to have earned a WSOP bracelet. He is also the oldest player at the table being 50 years of age.

Watch the start of 2016 WSOP Main Event Final Table episode 15 coverage with hole cards displayed.

Fernando Pons Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,000,000)

Short-stack Fernando Pons shoves on hand 16 with just a few blinds left shoves with a weak A6 unsuited and is called by Cliff Josephy with KJ. Josephy hits two kings by the river knocking out Pons as the first eliminated player on the final table.

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Jerry Wong Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,100,076)

Vojtech Ruzicka with pocket queens gets the better of Jerry Wong who was all-in with pocket jacks.

Griffin Benger Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,250,190)

Gordon Vayo with pocket 10’s eliminates Griffin Benger who held A9 suited.


Kenny Hallaert Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,464,258)

Kenny Hallaert was defeated when his AQ suited ran into Qui Nguyen pocket aces.

This hand gave Qui Nguyen a huge chip lead at the end of day 8 with 128,625,000 chips in play.

Vojtech Ruzicka Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,935,288)

Ruzicka shoves his last few chips in the pot with a weak A7 and gets raised by Nguyen with AQ suited the rest of the table folds and Nguyen hand holds up eliminating Ruzicka in 5th place.

Michael Ruane Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,576,003)

Ruane raises with KQ suited and gets called by Nguyen who hits a pair on the turn sending Ruane to the rail in 4th place.

2016 WSOP Main Event Chip Counts

  1. Qui Nguyen – 197,600,000
  2. Gordon Vayo – 89,000,000
  3. Cliff Josephy – 50,000,000
  4. Michael Ruane – Eliminated
  5. Vojtech Ruzicka – Eliminated
  6. Kenny Hallaert – Eliminated
  7. Griffin Benger – Eliminated
  8. Jerry Wong – Eliminated
  9. Fernando Pons – Eliminated

2016 WSOP Main Event Payout

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. Michael Ruane – $2,576,003
  5. Vojtech Ruzicka – $1,935,288
  6. Kenny Hallaert – $1,464,258
  7. Griffin Benger – $1,250,190
  8. Jerry Wong – $1,100,076
  9. Fernando Pons – $1,000,000