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Published: 27th August 2014 Written by Online Casino Games
Updated: 2nd December 2023

888 casino live casinoThe new 888 Casino Live Casino Hold’em tables are the latest addition to the list of live dealer casino games from 888casino.

Play against the live dealer and win up to 100:1 on your betting amount playing Casino Hold’em.

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The live dealer casino games also supports multi-play allowing players to play on several casino tables at the same time.

Another great feature is it’s software compatibility with mobiles and tablets, play 888 Casino Live anytime, anywhere!

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888 Casino Live – Casino Hold’em

Win up to 100:1 on your bet playing 888 Casino Live Casino Hold’em, a new game featuring live dealers that deal the cards in real-time with audio and visuals.

Players must get the best possible five card poker hand combination to beat the dealer at Casino Holdem.

  1. Sign-up to 888 Live Casino.
  2. Make a first deposit to fund your bankroll.
  3. Play 888 Casino Live Casino Hold’em.

888 Casino Hold’em

888 Casino Live Casino Hold’em is played with a regular fifty-two deck of cards where the player’s objective is to beat the dealer to win. See the screenshots below for each betting round:

How to Play Casino Holdem:

  1. Place your bet on the Ante bet or optional bonus bet.
  2. The cards are dealt facing-up for the player and facing-down for the dealer, three community cards are also dealt.
  3. Players must then decide whether to Fold or Call/Bet for two more community cards to be dealt.
  4. The dealer reveals his cards, the best poker hand wins.

Casino Holdem Pay-table

Poker HandAnte BetBonus Bet
Royal Flush100:1100:1
Straight Flush20:150:1
Four of a Kind10:140:1
Full House3:130:1
Straight or less1:1
Pair of Aces to Straight7:1

Casino Holdem Bonus Bet

Players can place an optional Bonus Bet alongside the compulsory Ante Bet, if a player hits a winning poker hand combination within the first five cards dealt they will win the added Bonus Bet prize.

Example: The bonus bet payout is 7:1 if a pair of aces or straight are dealt within the first five cards dealt facing up.