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Published: 12th July 2012 Written by Poker News
Updated: 4th December 2023

888poker coach888Poker Coach is a new free poker tool which will assist you in making decisions on 888poker tables offering real time poker odds and statistics. The poker odds calculator uses the Magic Holdem software branded as 888poker coach and can only be used on

If you already have an 888poker account simply download 888Poker Coach for free, if you don’t have an poker 888 account, download 888poker first and sign-up for free. New players get $8 free when signing up, so its a great way to test 888poker and MagicHoldem free.

888 Poker Download888 poker download

888Poker Coach

Use the free 888 poker tool exclusively on 888poker tables, the poker odds calculator software is developed by MagicHoldem which costs up to $90 for a year license. Because the poker tool has been branded and restricted to 888poker tables, players can download the software for free.

Improve your poker game and maximize your profits at the poker tables, the free poker tool is also an all-in-one poker odds calculator, notifications and poker bankroll management which suggest what limits you should be playing based on your current bankroll.

888poker Coach works with both cash games and tournaments on, the poker tool attaches to your poker table offering all the stats you need to make the correct decisions when playing poker online.

Download 888 Poker – Sign-up for a free 888 poker no deposit bonus, get $8 free.

888 poker coach download

Download 888Poker Coach

888Poker Coach Features

  • Poker Bankroll Management tool.
  • Suggests how you should play your hands in real time.
  • Real-time poker odds calculator with detailed  statistics.
  • Poker hand strength Indicator.

Poker Hands Strength Indicator

888poker coach offers players valuable information with it’s built in Poker Hand Strength Indicator which displays the strength of your hand pre-flop and the winning odds to showdown. There are also poker tips given on how to play your hand in position with text poker commentary to guide you through each street.

Poker Odds Calculator

Knowing your poker outs and odds gives you an advantage over your opponents, 888poker coach gives you real time odds and displays your poker outs, percentages and odds of winning the hand.

Poker Bankroll Management Tool

Using Bankroll Management is crucial to playing poker as it prevent players from playing stakes higher than their bankroll range. Keeping within your limits is the best way to increase your bankroll without the risk of going broke.

When joining a table the 888poker coach will notify what limits and tables you should be playing on.

Poker Tools

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