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Published: 26th September 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th January 2024

Poker Affiliate ProgramsThis article is going to be a bit off our usual poker player related topic of poker news, current promotions and bonuses so if that’s what you are after please give this post a skip on the other hand if you own a website, forum or blog or plan on creating your own someday then give it a quick read.

Ok, so you own your own website or blog and blog regularly, this usually means you get visitors to your site, these visitors can be valuable to any “webmaster” as a source of revenue, one must then choose what to fill the site with to earn some cash for your hard work and efforts.

Most aspiring webmasters opt for an Amazon affiliate shopping cart or the all time favorite Google ads then furnish the entire site with them, sure some succeed but the majority don’t as there simply are too many others doing the same thing, sure it may also be true that poker may not relate to your site theme but the rewards certainly outweigh the risks in at least giving poker a go on your site.

In general the major advantage to adding poker affiliate programs is the bottom line; they pay pretty well, certainly much better than Google ads.
Instead of getting your couple of cents for all the traffic you are getting, being a poker affiliate is similar to selling amazon goods in that you get paid a commission percentage or a fixed amount when a poker player that you referred goes on to deposit at one of your rooms.

Poker Affiliate Programs and Alternatives to regular advertising for webmasters and bloggers

The major difference is that you can usually choose to either market their products at a fixed commission amount which is also known as CPA or cost per acquisition or alternatively you can choose a rev. share option or revenue share, here’s where poker is so much better than the rest to market, firstly poker is huge worldwide so there is demand, next if you chose a CPA deal you would be getting anywhere from $50 – $200 per qualified player that you refer or for me at least  the even sweeter option is choosing a poker revenue share plan which pays you at 20%-35% of your referred player’s action monthly.

So after setting it all up, all you need to get going are a few loyal players on revenue share plan and you get a monthly salary, usually depending on the volume of your site traffic choosing poker rev.share can start off rather slowly, a couple dollars a month, but in next to no time those small dollars and cents start adding up to become a lump sum, which brings me back to the amazon example sure you may sell a product once in a while but after that sale is completed you no longer get paid for that customer’s orders for other products unless they really like your site and want more of the same you may get a second sale, but really poker affiliate plans certainly triumph in this regard they pay huge once off amounts CPA for players you bring them like 10 players equals $1500 CPA in a month or more, should you be lucky enough to get a big player on a poker revenue share plan, you could be set for a long time as the cash keeps on rolling in each and every month.

Getting started, most poker affiliate plans are easy to join and offer banner images of various sizes along with tracking codes that you place on your website to track and players that you have referred some permit you to create or request bonus codes, these bonus codes are unique to your room and anyone using them in the sign up process will become one of your players.
Most poker rooms have what are known as affiliate managers, they provide assistance to their assigned poker affiliates and most also earn a commission, so it really is in their best interests to ensure you are promoting their brand to the fullest, some poker affiliate managers will contact you directly and work out a deal if things are going well and they may increase your percentage or offer freerolls exclusive to your site some may even try get their poker room placed higher in your selection of rooms and dangle a carrot in front of you to move them higher up.
Some annoying things about being a poker affiliate include having to go to several accounts and request a cashout, but in all fairness it’s not all that bad and most are payout into your account automatically.

I must note that having a Neller Paypal or Moneybookers account certainly does help in getting your money out as it provides a far quicker option to bank wire transfers, Neteller even allows you to request a Mastercard credit card from them that you can use at any ATM worldwide or at the usual shopping center pay points.
A word of advice, if you only chose one poker affiliate program then rather go with the better known poker room brands like those suggested below as you can be rest assured that your payout will be made, the problem with many smaller poker rooms and casino programs is that they are simply not worth the effort they may tell you that you will get this that and the other but when it comes down to it you would have probably been better off with the recommendations in this article.

I can highly recommend the following Poker Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate program FullTilt Poker
PartyPoker affiliate program
UWinPoker affiliate
Winner affiliate plan

These days I try stay clear of PokerStars, sure they are the #1 pokersite in the world there is no doubting that, just they simply don’t pay anywhere near as well as the rooms listed above.
PokerStars CPA starts at a meager $75 a player, the main catch being that that player need to earn a minimum of 250 points before you get paid your money, 250 points at Pokerstars is pretty hard to clear for your average Joe poker player.

PokerStars don’t offer revenue share plans to many, basically you need to apply for it and you need to have referred at least 20 players in the last year who earned over 250 points in order to qualify for their rev. share plan, they did recently start paying revenue share for and but probably only because the tax is much higher than on the .com worldwide version.