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Published: 18th June 2014 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 2nd December 2023

bonus builder partypokerThe Bonus Builder PartyPoker promotion runs from 16th – 29th June with up to $750 in cash and bonuses to be won.

The promotion is split into two parts where players must earn points to build their cash and bonus reward amount in the first week. Then earn earn points to collect their reward in the 2nd week of the promotion.

The Party Poker Bonus Builder rewards players with prizes for completing one of the six levels the promotion has to offer.

Players will receive a cash prize and a pending bonus based on their Partypoints earned during the promotional dates.

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Bonus Builder PartyPoker

Earn up to $750 in cash and PartyPoker bonuses in the latest Bonus Builder PartyPoker promotion, players must opt-in during the first week of the promotion to qualify.

Complete your target prize requirements by earning Partypoints in Week 1 of the promo then release the bonus and cash reward in week 2 by earning the Partypoints requirement.

  1. Download Party Poker
  2. Sign-up and make a deposit of at least $10 to participate.
  3. Earn Partypoints in Week 1 to build the biggest bonus.
  4. Return in week 2 to play for your pending bonus prize.

bonus builder partypoker

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Bonus Builder Week 1 – Earn the Prize

Week 1 – opt-in between 16th – 22nd June, 2014 and earn the required amount of Partypoints to claim the Bonus Builder Partypoker cash prizes and bonuses listed below.

Level 1 – Earn 5 PartyPoints and get $1 cash and $2 pending bonus
Level 2 – Earn 10 PartyPoints and get $1 cash and $4 pending bonus
Level 3 – Earn 50 PartyPoints and get $6 cash and $24 pending bonus
Level 4 – Earn 300 PartyPoints and get $14 cash and $56 pending bonus
Level 5 – Earn 1000 PartyPoints and get $30 cash and $120 pending bonus
Level 6 – Earn 5000 PartyPoints and get $150 cash and $600 pending bonus

Once completing the target in week 1 players can return for week 2 to release their cash prize and pending bonus. Players will have the same amount of days to release their reward as they used when building their bonus in Week 1.

Bonus Builder Week 2 – Release the Prize

The 2nd week of the promo runs from 23rd – 29th June, and is only available to players who opted in during Week 1 and completed the point earning requirements of one of the levels.

To release the bonus reward players must earn six times the bonus amount in PartyPoints, the pending bonus is released in four part increments.

Eg: Players earns a $2 bonus in week 1 by earning 5 PartyPoints, in week 2 the player is required to earn a total of 12 Partypoints release the entire $2 bonus. The bonus will be released in four $0.50 amounts for each 4 PartyPoints earned.

PartyPoker bonuses are paid into players accounts on the 23rd June, the first day of week 2 of the Bonus Builder PartyPoker promotion.