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Published: 15th January 2010 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 6th December 2023

brunson 10Challenge the DoylesRoom Pros “The Brunson 10” in the new bounty tournament which begins on the 18th January 2010 and will be a new feature tournament which takes place 1st and 3rd Monday each month.

Every player will have a bounty and will be worth $10 a knockout if you manage to knockout a pro you will get a $500 bounty reward. Doyle Brunson personally selected these team players so it will require great poker skills to Beat The Brunson 10

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Brunson 10 Bounty Tournament

Players can buy-in to the bounty tournament for $10+10+2 = Bounty+Prize Pool+Tournament Fees. Every player you knockout you will get $10 and if you are knockout that player will get your $10 bounty fee. All the team Brunson 10 players will have a $500 bounty on their heads and knocking one of them out will turn your $22 buyin into $500 plus anyone else you knockout along the way.

Beat The Brunson 10 – bounty tournament
Date: 1st and 3rd Monday each month
Time: 21:00 ET
Buy-in: $20 + $2 ($10 Bounty – $10 Prize Pool)
Knockout Prizes: $500 Brunson 10 Knockout + $10 per player
Prize Pool: $10 added for every registered player

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Doyle Brunson has chosen his team players and is still looking for more pros,  if you think you have what it takes to become a legend try your poker skills against the doyle’s room Brunson 10

The Brunson 10

chris moorman
  • Chris Moorman – Brunson 10
  • Age: 23
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Career Earnings: $1,644,385
  • Username: moorman1

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amit makhija
  • Amit Makhija – Brunson 10
  • Age: 24
  • Country: USA Wisconsin
  • Career Earnings: $2,203,856
  • Username: AMAK316

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Zachary Clark
  • Zachary Clark – Brunson 10
  • Age: 24
  • Country: USA, Las Vegas
  • Career Earnings: $1,969,248

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Dani Stern
  • Dani Stern – Brunson 10
  • Age: 22
  • Country: USA, New York
  • Career Earnings: $819,358

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Beat a Brunson 10 Pro

Each Brunson 10 Pro you knockout of the bounty tournament you will get a bounty prize of $500

Play against the some of the best poker pros in the world including Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro and The Brunson 10 at Doyles Poker on Cake Network.

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