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Published: 29th December 2014 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 11th December 2023

carbon poker ops tournament scheduleThe Carbon Poker OPS tournament schedule has been released with 76 poker tournaments taking place in February 2015.

There is over $2 million in guaranteed prize pools to be won in the Carbon Poker OPS 2015.

The biggest event in the Carbon Poker tournament series is the Main Event which offers a $500K guarantee, players who register for this event will receive a $100 CarbonPoker bonus.

Also checkout the Carbon Poker Mega Stack Tournaments taking place on January 18th with over $100K guaranteed.

Carbon Poker Bonus

Carbon Poker OPS Tournament Schedule 2015

The Carbon Poker Online Poker Series returns from February 8th-22nd and features a nice selection of guaranteed poker tournaments. The Carbon Poker OPS tournament schedule is jam packed with at least four events taking place daily over the 15 days of the series.

The series has a wide range of buy-ins suitable for most players bankrolls with direct buy-ins starting from $5.50, there are daily satellite running now where players can win a seat for a fraction of the price.

Tournaments on offer include: Holdem, Omaha, Stud or HORSE, with exciting new tournament formats added: Mega Stack, Mega Addon, Mega Ante and Mega Cash.

Download Carbon Poker – 200% first deposit bonus up to a maximum of $5,000.

Carbon Poker OPS Main Event Bonus

carbon poker promotion codeGet a $100 bonus when playing the Main Event of the Carbon OPS, that’s almost half your buy-in back as a pending bonus.

Players are required to buy-in before 12:00 on the day of the tournament using cash from their bankrolls to qualify for the bonus, tournament coupons are not valid for the bonus.

OPS #71 $250K Gtd [$215 Main Event]
Date: February 22nd
Time: 16:00
Game Type: NLHE
Buy-in: $215
Prize Pool: $250,000 Guaranteed

Clear the bonus by earn 150 poker points for every dollar of the bonus which must be completed within 30 days of issue.

Carbon Poker OPS Tournament Schedule

See the full Carbon Poker OPS tournament schedule below or download the OPS 2015 Schedule here to ensure you don’t miss out on these events.

DateTimeTournament NameGame TypeBuy-In
February 814:55OPS #1 $10K Gtd [+R, Turbo]NLHE$5.50
February 816:00OPS #2 $150K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 816:00OPS #3 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$11
February 816:00OPS #4 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$60
February 816:00OPS #5 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$33
February 817:00OPS #6 $60K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$530
February 818:00OPS #7 $7.5K Gtd [Deep]FL HORSE$33
February 818:00OPS #8 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$109
February 818:00OPS #9 $15K Gtd [Knockout, Deep]NLHE$22
February 819:00OPS #10 $40K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 917:55OPS #11 $7.5K Gtd [+R, Mega Addon, Turbo]NLHE$5.50
February 918:30OPS #12 $15K Gtd [Knockout, Deep]NLHE$33
February 919:00OPS #13 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 919:30OPS #14 $20K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$11
February 1018:00OPS #15 $10K Gtd [Deep]PLO H/L$33
February 1018:30OPS #16 $20K Gtd [Mega Stack]NLHE$22
February 1019:00OPS #17 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1019:30OPS #18 $20K Gtd [8-Max, Deep]NLHE$11
February 1117:55OPS #19 $10K Gtd [+R, Turbo]NLHE$22
February 1118:30OPS #20 $15K Gtd [Mega Ante, Deep]NLHE$109
February 1119:00OPS #21 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1119:30OPS #22 $5K Gtd [Knockout]NLHE$5.50
February 1218:00OPS #23 $5K Gtd [Deep]FL HORSE$11
February 1218:30OPS #24 $15K Gtd [Knockout]NLHE$33
February 1219:00OPS #25 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1219:30OPS #26 $20K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]NLHE$33
February 1318:00OPS #27 $5K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]NLO H/L$11
February 1318:30OPS #28 $10K Gtd [Mega Cash]NLHE$11
February 1319:00OPS #29 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1319:30OPS #30 $20K Gtd [Deep]]NLHE$22
February 1417:00OPS #31 $10K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]NLHE$22
February 1417:55OPS #32 $7.5K Gtd [+R, Mega Addon, Turbo]NLHE$11
February 1418:00OPS #33 $20K Gtd [Mega Stack]NLHE$33
February 1419:00OPS #34 $30K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1419:30OPS #35 $4K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]FLHE$109
February 1514:55OPS #36 $10K Gtd [+R, Turbo]NLHE$5.50
February 1516:00OPS #37 $150K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1516:00OPS #38 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$11
February 1516:00OPS #39 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$60
February 1516:00OPS #40 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$33
February 1517:00OPS #41 $60K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$530
February 1518:00OPS #42 $7.5K Gtd [Deep]FL HORSE$33
February 1518:00OPS #43 $25K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$109
February 1518:00OPS #44 $10K Gtd [Knockout, Deep]NLHE$22
February 1519:00OPS #45 $40K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1618:00OPS #46 $10K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]PLO$60
February 1618:30OPS #47 $10K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$5.50
February 1619:00OPS #48 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1619:30OPS #49 $20K Gtd [8-Max, Deep]NLHE$33
February 1717:55OPS #50 $5K Gtd [+R, Turbo]NLHE$5.50
February 1718:30OPS #51 $10K Gtd [Deep]FL HORSE$215
February 1719:00OPS #52 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1719:30OPS #53 $20K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$33
February 1818:00OPS #54 $20K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]NLHE$33
February 1818:30OPS #55 $20K Gtd [Mega Stack]NLHE$109
February 1819:00OPS #56 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 1819:30OPS #57 $5K Gtd [Deep]NLO H/L$22
February 1918:00OPS #58 $7.5K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]PLO$33
February 1918:30OPS #59 $10K Gtd [Knockout, Deep]NLHE$11
February 1918:55OPS #60 $10K Gtd [1R/1A, Mega Addon]NLHE$33
February 1919:00OPS #61 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 2018:00OPS #62 $5K Gtd [Deep]PLO H/L$11
February 2018:30OPS #63 $20K Gtd [Deep]NLHE$33
February 2019:00OPS #64 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 2019:30OPS #65 $5K Gtd [Deep]NLO$22
February 2117:00OPS #66 $15K Gtd [Mega Stack]NLHE$11
February 2118:00OPS #67 $5K Gtd [Deep]FL HORSE$33
February 2118:00OPS #68 $10K Gtd [Deep]PLO H/L$215
February 2119:00OPS #69 $35K Gtd [Super Deep]NLHE$215
February 2119:30OPS #70 $4K Gtd [6-Max, Deep]FLHE$33
February 2216:00OPS #71 $250K Gtd [$215 Main Event]NLHE$215
February 2216:00OPS #72 $40K Gtd [$11 Main Event]NLHE$11
February 2216:00OPS #73 $50K Gtd [$33 Main Event]NLHE$33
February 2217:00OPS #74 $75K Gtd [$530 Main Event]NLHE$530
February 2218:00OPS #75 $65K Gtd [$109 Main Event]NLHE$109
February 2219:00OPS #76 $50K Gtd [Last Chance]NLHE$215

Players can register for all the events on the Carbon Poker OPS tournament schedule from the tournaments tab in the lobby.