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Published: 8th October 2014 Written by Poker News
Updated: 2nd December 2023

Current state of poker online in 2014With fall now underway and the cooler winter months rapidly approaching after a long summer, we expect players to start up their pc’s and start playing poker online once again.

The online poker scene has changed somewhat since last year in that 888 poker has grown in stature and risen to a formidable second spot, followed closely by the hotly contended iPoker network boasting the likes of Winner, Titan and Betfair.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is that Pokerstars is still the number one venue in terms of traffic, but even they have seen a self-induced decline in cash game player numbers in recent days.

Pokerstars recent cash game traffic drop (still at 18,000) is mainly due to their advent of “Pokerstars Spin & Go” which has drawn regular cash players into trying their luck at the lottery type Sit n’ Go game where jackpots can reach up to $30,000 from a $30 entry fee.

The only other negative that follows Pokerstars is Fulltilt poker hasn’t quite become the monster it once was and is struggling to maintain fourth place, in a jostle with PartyPoker, Full Tilt attained fourth spot due to its “Easy Bonus Promotion” which recently expired.

Overall it appears that online poker is on the decline but with the WSOP soon to get going when the 2014 WSOP November nine compete for the World Series of Poker title and the colder winter months approach, traffic numbers and enthusiasm for online poker are bound to increase.

A Quick Look at the Current state of poker online 2014

USA Poker

USA poker is still struggling with legislation with only several states offering legal poker online via limited licensed poker rooms, let’s hope they catch up with the rest of the world in this aspect as without the American enthusiasm and TV coverage, poker is bound to suffer globally.

Poker Apps 2014

One real positive that was implemented in full force mainly throughout 2014 was the mass introduction of mobile poker, with most poker sites offering a poker app for players to enjoy.

The Poker apps have brought a whole new meaning to simplicity of the game with their easy to access and play anywhere approach, they permit poker players to play their favorite poker app from their Android or Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, phones and tablets.

Poker Apps have been huge for poker sites throughout 2014 looking to increase their market share.

888 Poker Rises in 2014

888 Poker has seen a steady rise throughout 2014, they are currently in second place.

888’s gradual rise has come about from great marketing promos throughout the year including many freerolls, offering decent prize pools and limited player fields, meaning entrants could actually walk away from the tables with a bankroll to show for their efforts. As an example check out 888’s “Live the Dream” promo.

Another great positive factor coming from the 888 poker stable, has been their awesome 888 Poker App which is available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. 888 Poker were quick on the draw when it came to mobile poker, their poker-apps were out early and were decent upon launch.

The third positive contributing factor for 888Poker is their bonuses with several countries being offered no deposit bonuses and worldwide players being offered staged bonuses that were relatively easy to clear.

Other contributing 888 Poker positives throughout the year include several sponsored WSOP players, fast cash outs and withdrawals which have established 888 Poker as a trustworthy poker site.

In conclusion over the coming years we expect 888 Poker to continue along its path of growth so long as they keep pushing the limits with their promotions and maintain player trust.

That being said if you don’t already have an 888 Poker account we highly recommend you give them a try especially check out the 888 Poker App.