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Published: 6th October 2010 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 5th December 2023

doyles room storeThe new Doyles Room Store is packed with a range of items which players can purchase with their Poker Points including DoylesRoom gear and the popular poker books Doyle Brunson Super System 1 + 2 and his latest release The GodFather of Poker.

Earn Points playing poker online at the Doyle Brunson Poker Room and get 110% first deposit bonus up to $550.

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Doyles Room Store – Rewards Loyalty Program

The new Doyles Room Poker reward program let player exchange their Frequent Play Points for items from the poker store. As players earn points they also earn Brunson Bucks, the currency used to purchase from the Doyles Room Store.

The more points players earn the higher their status will increase in level at each new level there is a multiplier for your Brunson Bucks, there are six levels in the Doyles Reward program.

Status LevelPoint RequirementBrunson Bucks Multiplier
Bronze Level1 FPP1X Brunson Bucks
Silver Level200 FPP2X Brunson Bucks
Gold Level500 FPP3X Brunson Bucks
Platinum Level5000 FPP4X Brunson Bucks
Elite Level20,000 FPP5X Brunson Bucks
Doyles Legends50,000 FPP6X Brunson Bucks

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How to earn Doyles Room Points

Every player who plays real money games on DoylesRoom is an instant member of the rewards program, players will start on Bronze level and increase in levels as they earn the required amount of Frequent Play Points.

Players earn Frequent Play Points and Brunson Bucks for every raked hand and tournament fee:

Cash Games: Players will earn 1 FPP for every $1 in rake on the DoylesRoom cash games tables.

Tournaments: Players will earn 7 FPP for every $1 spent on tournament fees in Doyles Room tournaments.

Frequent Player Points

Frequent Player Points are only used to determine the players status level in the loyalty reward program, they have no value and are reset at the beginning of each month. Players must continue to earn the required amount of Frequent Player Points each month to remain at their status level, example a silver level player must earn 200 FPP in the new month to stay on that current level he will also earn 400 Brunson Bucks. If the Silver level player manages to earn 500 FPP in a month he will be upgraded to Gold level.

Brunson Bucks

Brunson Bucks are earned based on the players status level, on bronze level the player will earn the same amount of Brunson Bucks as Frequent Player Points. Brunson Bucks points are never reset and all points earned will continue to increase each month. Players can use their Brunson Bucks to purchase items from the DoylesRoom store or exchange them for cash by clicking on Rewards then Buck to Cash.

Players can monitor their points progress in the Doyles Room lobby by clicking on Doyles Rewards.

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