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Published: 4th September 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 7th December 2023

doylesroom pocket acesEver get beat with your Pocket Aces to some donkey with a really weak hand? Play at DoylesRoom during September and get a $25 bad beat bonus for losing with the bullets after the showdown. So you can be sure to win more than the calling station who refuses to fold to your top pair even if you do lose the hand.

Doyles Room also offer a Royal Flush bonus up to $1000, both hole cards must be used to claim this bonus. Get 110% deposit bonus up to $550 when using WAP as your DoylesRoom Promotional Code when making your first deposit.

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DoylesRoom Pocket Aces Bonus

When playing poker online at Doyles Room being beat with your Pocket Aces will get you a $25 bonus. Play Texas Hold’em games at limits of $0.50/$1 or more to qualify for this bonus this September 2009.

When you have the bullets fire away because the bad bead aces bonus could pay you more than the table pot so it’s a win-win situation.

Promotional Dates: 1st – 30th September 2009

Aces Bonus Qualifying Details:

  • Only Texas Hold em ring games of $0.50/$1 limits or more.
  • Submit your Hand ID to the Doyles Room support team to claim.

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Doyles Room Promotional Code: WAP

Download DoylesRoomDownload Doyles Room

Doyles Room Royal Flush Bonus

A Royal Flush doesn’t happen often in poker in fact the Royal Flush odds are 649,739 : 1 giving players a percentage of  0.000154% of ever hitting the best hand in poker. If a player happens to get a Royal Flush Doyles Room will gladly pay out a Royal Flush bonus up to $1,000 for your monster hand.

Whether you are a low limit or high stakes players you can get your reward for winning with the best ranked poker hand. To claim the Royal Flush bonus both your starting cards must be used when playing either No Limits, Fixed Limits or Pot Limit Hold’em ring games.

  • Get a Royal Flush playing $0.50/$1 limits or lower and get a $250 Royal Flush bonus.
  • Get a Royal Flush playing $1/$2 limits or more and get a $1,000 Royal Flush bonus.

Royal Flush qualifying details:

  • The hand must reach the showdown, so don’t play it to hard.
  • Both hole cards must be used to complete the hand.
  • Submit your Hand ID to the Doyles Room live chat to claim.

DoylesRoom are one of the few poker sites which allow US Players to play for real money. Doyles Room also have Doyles Casino which offer a bunch of progressive slot and video poker games and much more.