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Published: 18th November 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

FullTilt Online Poker Series XFTOPS X – the final results of the twenty-five events which took place during November. Full Tilt Online Poker Series X had more than 15 million in total Guaranteed prize pool. US player Julian Verse managed to emerge victorious out of a field of 5.225 players who competed in the main event with the winner taking home more than $400K.

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Julian who managed to turn the tables in the heads up and equal their stacks when he had a king high flush in the flop he checked then called sckilla’s bet. Verse continued to check on the turn and then proceeded to call sckilla’s all-in.

At this stage sckilla was short stacked and in the end his 6-2 lost against Q-7 when Verse managed to get a pair with the 7 appearing on the turn.

Verse won $450,700 in first position, when sckilla claimed $273,000 as a 2nd place prize.

Full Tilt Online Poker Series X Main Event Results

  • Julian Verse – USA – $450,708
  • Sckilla – Ireland – $273,006
  • Hummelhintern – Germany – $175,560
  • ILovepoka – Russia – $137,156
  • Bazeman – USA – $103,193
  • Kraag – Norway – $77,068
  • Sinrake – Costa Rica – $60,087
  • RollinHand1 – Sweden – $45,718
  • Sd bum – USA – $33,962

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Full Tilt Online Poker Series X Results

Event #1Mike Matusow$200 + $16
NL Hold ’em 6-Max
Event #2Sigi Stockinger$240 + $16PL
Omaha Knockout
Event #3Andrew Wiggins$500 + $35NL Hold ’em

3 x Shootout

Event #4Vitaly Lunkin$300 + $22NL Hold ’em

1 rebuy and 1 add-on

Event #5Matt Hawrilenko$200 + $16Limit Hold’em


Event #6Scott Fischman$500 + $35PL Omaha


Event #7Ryan Daut$100 + $9NL Hold ’em


Event #8Andy Black$240 + $16NL Hold ’em



Event #9Howard Lederer$300 + $22NL Hold ’em$1.5M5,370bigdogpckt5s
Event #10Roland deWolfe$300 + $22Mixed

Hold ’em

Event #11David Singer$1,000 + $60NL Hold ’em$1.5M1,469agriffrod
Event #12Lee Watkinson$200 + $16
Event #13Jennifer Harman$500 + $35HORSE$300K597LaTanyaWilliams
Event #14Aaron Bartley$200 + $16NL Hold ’em


Event #15Matt Vengrin$200 + $16PL Omaha/8$150K1,025JohnnyBax
Event #16Isaac Baron$300 + $22NL Hold ’em



$1M1,032frankly prefect
Event #17Thomas Bihl$200 + $16NL Hold ’em

4 x Shootout


Event #18Alan Boston$300 + $22Razz$150K548Crisp86
Event #19Kelly Kim$200 + $16NL Hold ’em$400K2,526EndlessAmbition
Event #20Perry Friedman$200 + $16Stud/8$100K581blackjack9
Event #21Huck Seed$500 + $35NL Hold ’em

Heads Up

Event #22Craig Marquis$5,000 + $200NL Hold ’em

2 Day Event


Event #23Dario Alioto$100 + $9PL Omaha


Event #24Erich Kollmann$120 + $9NL Hold ’em


Main EventScott Montgomery$500 + $35NL Hold ’em$2.5M5,225Julian Verse