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Published: 9th June 2017 Written by Poker News
Updated: 10th December 2023

kara scott poker brief episode 5Kara Scott Poker Brief Episode 5 features all the best industry news for the month of May 2017.

This episode includes the 888poker XL Inferno, CardRunners and PKR closed, new 888poker ads and the changes to the World Series of Poker November Nine.

888poker will also be adding $10 million to the first place prize in the WSOP Main Event if the winner qualified online at 888poker.

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Kara Scott Poker Brief Episode 5


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888poker XL Inferno

Episode five of the poker brief, the month of May, it was jam-packed with online poker tournaments as three major series: SCOOP, PowerFest and the XL Inferno. All the raged if you’re an online poker player.

In May you might just have forgotten what the sunshine or your loved ones faces looks like as the incredible schedule kept you chained to your computer. Big overlays during Pokerfest meant that players were chasing a lot of value along with their trophies and the SCOOP event saw some big names taking down the top prizes.

While 888poker XL inferno was the biggest online festival to date which included their biggest ever online buy-in event and lots of money raised for charity in the three chip-in events, over $50,000.

PKR Closed

May was also a big month for goodbyes in poker, one that surprised a lot of people was the closure of online poker room PKR, known for their graphics and what they called 3d Texas Hold’em. PKR migrated over to the micro gaming network early this year but then in a shock move the doors were shut over financial difficulties.

Players wanting to recoup their money can watch the website status PKR.

CardRunners Closed

Another big goodbye, launched back in 2005 cardrunner’s was the premier poker training site and a blueprint for many that followed. They recently announced that after a decade they’re stopping their paid video content moving some of their library over to YouTube and they’ll be giving refunds to some of their long-term subscribers.

I already knew how to play poker but card runners taught me how to think about the game properly and how to win. They had a huge impact on the poker industry and I wish the whole team well in all of their new projects. Thanks for making such a great community and for making poker friendly and accessible but also profitable.

888poker Ads

888poker recently launched a long-term strategy under the bold banner taking back the game 888poker ads. Management at 888poker explained that this is all about acknowledging some of the ways that poker has evolved over the years away from what a lot of the players wanted.

As one of the main leaders in the industry they feel responsible to work and take actions that everyone enjoys the game. As for how that will be implemented they point to their revised loyalty program which has been ensuring a much larger portion of players are reaping benefits and great new games online like blast. But that’s not all keep an eye open for new features and promotions coming soon at a 888poker.

888poker 8 Team

The World Series of Poker is big but the news last month was huge, first not only did 888poker guarantee a 10 million dollar payday to the Main Event champion if they qualified on 888poker. But also 888poker is going to help some of those qualifiers with their main event dreams by giving them a chance to win top notch mentoring by some of the best in the world.

They’re calling it the 8 team and I pity the fool who misses out on a chance for some free poker coaching in the biggest event in poker. There are five teams from five different countries and each will be choosing their lucky qualifier.

The 8 team qualifier who manages to reach the highest position in the main event with the help of their mentors will also win a $12,500 World Series of Poker 2018 Main Event package. Mentors they don’t get much bigger than former Main Event champions I can exclusively reveal that 2014 champ Martin Jacobson is joining the Swedish team as a wingman to team captain Sofia Lovgren.

World Series of Poker November Nine changes

After nine years of holding the World Series of Poker Main Event final table on a three months delay, we’re going back to the old school and from the reaction of the poker community I’d say this is a big win.

There will be two days off before the final nine play down to a champion but it’s all going to happen in July and probably even more exciting for the poker fans and viewers.

The World Series of Poker, ESPN and poker central are all joining forces so you’ll be able to watch some of the poker being played as live from the very first day one right up to the epic moment when we crown a champ.

WSOP tournament director Jack Effel comments: “As we always do for World Series of Poker you know always looking for new innovative ways it just so happened that this was kind of the year to kind of think about what was going to happen with the future of production. The opportunity presented itself to partner with Poker Central and to continue a relationship with ESPN to elevate the production of the broadcast offering to have expanded coverage. To have coverage of the main event from day one on and so you know from our standpoint it made a lot of sense”