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Published: 11th March 2013 Written by Poker-Resources
Updated: 3rd December 2023

magicholdem poker coachMagicHoldem have updated their software to include a Poker Coach along with a Poker Calculator which attaches itself automatically to just about every online poker site.

What makes this poker tool more appealing is that Poker Pro Tony G is backing the MagicHoldem brand.

Tony G states that MagicHoldem is the perfect poker coach for recreational players to learn his playing style and start winning at their favorite online poker room.

Magic Holdem provides a detailed player analysis of every players poker playing style and offers tips and real-time poker stats.

The MagicHoldem personal Poker Coach will help players improve their poker game, fix leaks and also learn poker strategy.

 Magic Holdem Review

MagicHoldem Poker Coach

Tony G not only endorses MagicHoldem he also helped in the development of the new personal poker coach.

Tony G had the following to say about MagicHoldem: “This is the next best thing to having me beside you at the table. Poker is a fun game, but if you’re not learning, you’ll soon be losing, the personal poker coach is there to help you develop a winning style like mine.”

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magicholdem personal poker coach


MagicHoldem is a Personal Poker Coach and Poker Odds Calculator created to help beginners and recreational players improve their poker game session by session.

– Pro poker tips to improve your poker skills.
– Poker Odds Calculator with Real time stats.
– Attaches to your poker table automatically.

MagicHoldem Personal Poker Coach

  • Poker tips and instant access to your favorite poker sites.
  • Real time poker coach to help with odds, tips and insight.
  • After each session players can analyze their play, find weaknesses and fix leaks in their game.

magicholdem poker

MagicHoldem supports more than 100 online poker sites including the major ones like: PokerStars, Party Poker, 888 Poker and Titan Poker.

For a list of supported poker sites see our Magic Holdem Review or for more poker odds calculators and poker tracking software see the poker tools page.


Poker Odds Calculator & Poker Coach

Magic Holdem is a legal online poker tool which can be used when playing at most of the popular online poker rooms.

Rating by 4.5 Stars

Get Magic Holdem Free and improve your Poker Skills.