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Published: 9th October 2017 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 1st December 2023

monster series schedule 2017See the Monster Series schedule 2017, perfectly suited for Micro-Stakes players featuring tournament buy-ins ranging from $1.10 up to $22 for the Main Event.

The Party Poker Monster Series has two stake levels which include Micro and Mid-Stake tournaments running daily from 21st until 31st October, 2017.

There is over five million in guaranteed prize pools spread across a 140 events, with at least five daily events at each stake level.

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Monster Series Schedule 2017 – PartyPoker

The Monster Series Schedule features seventy Micro-Stakes tournaments adding up to a total of one million in guaranteed prize pools on PartyPoker.

Players can buy-in directly on the day of the tournaments with micro-stakes buy-ins ranging from $1.10 up to $22, satellites tournaments will also be available.

The Main Event will guarantee $300,000 for a buy-in of $22 on Sunday, 29th October, 2017.

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  2. Get up to $500 bonus with your first deposit.
  3. Play the Party Poker Monster Series tournaments.

PartyPoker Monster Series Schedule Micro-Stakes

See the full micro-stakes Monster Series Schedule 2017 below for dates, times, buy-in and tournament information.

21 October16:00Monster-01-Micro: $4K Gtd$1.10
21 October18:00Monster-02-Micro: $15K Gtd, PKO-33%$5.50
21 October20:00Monster-03-Micro: $10K Gtd$3.30
21 October22:00Monster-04-Micro: $2K Gtd$2.20
21 October00:00Monster-05-Micro: $4K Gtd 6-Max, 1R1A, Hyper$4.40
22 October12:00Monster-06-Micro: $50K Gtd, Final Phase 1$1.10
22 October14:00Monster-07-Micro: $20K Gtd, Ultra-Deep$5.50
22 October16:00Monster-08-Micro: $15K Gtd$3.30
22 October18:00Monster-09-Micro: $3K Gtd$2.20
22 October20:00Monster-10-Micro: $25K Gtd 6-Max$4.40
22 October22:00Monster-11-Micro: $4K Gtd, PKO-50%, Turbo$1.10
22 October00:00Monster-12-Micro: $15K Gtd$5.50
23 October16:00Monster-13-Micro: $2K Gtd 6-Max, Ultra-Deep$3.30
23 October18:00Monster-14-Micro: $1K Gtd$2.20
23 October20:00Monster-15-Micro: $10K Gtd 6-Max$4.40
23 October22:00Monster-16-Micro: $3K Gtd, 3x-Rebuy, Turbo$1.10
23 October00:00Monster-17-Micro: $4K Gtd, PKO-20%, Turbo$5.50
24 October16:00Monster-18-Micro: $2K Gtd 6-Max, 1R1A$3.30
24 October18:00Monster-19-Micro: $5K Gtd$2.20
24 October20:00Monster-20-Micro: $8K Gtd 6-Max, PKO-50%$4.40
24 October22:00Monster-21-Micro: $1K Gtd, Ante Only, Ultra-Deep, Turbo$1.10
25 October00:00Monster-22-Micro: $2K Gtd$5.50
25 October16:00Monster-23-Micro: $5K Gtd$3.30
25 October18:00Monster-24-Micro: $5K Gtd, 2x-Rebuy, Turbo$2.20
25 October20:00Monster-25-Micro: $10K Gtd, Mix-Max (6 to 9)$4.40
25 October22:00Monster-26-Micro: $2K Gtd$1.10
25 October00:00Monster-27-Micro: $2K Gtd 6-Max, Turbo$5.50
26 October16:00Monster-28-Micro: $6K Gtd, PKO-50%$3.30
26 October18:00Monster-29-Micro: $5K Gtd$2.20
26 October20:00Monster-30-Micro: $10K Gtd 6-Max, 2R1A$4.40
26 October22:00Monster-31-Micro: $1K Gtd$1.10
26 October00:00Monster-32-Micro: $5K Gtd$5.50
27 October16:00Monster-33-Micro: $3K Gtd, Heads-up Shootout$3.30
27 October18:00Monster-34-Micro: $5K Gtd$2.20
27 October20:00Monster-35-Micro: $3K Gtd 6-Max, 2x-Rebuy, Turbo$4.40
27 October22:00Monster-36-Micro: $1K Gtd, PKO-33%$1.10
27 October00:00Monster-37-Micro: $3K Gtd, Turbo$5.50
28 October14:00Monster-38-Micro: $8K Gtd 6-Max, Ultra-Deep$3.30
28 October16:00Monster-39-Micro: $6K Gtd$2.20
28 October18:00Monster-40-Micro: $6K Gtd$4.40
28 October20:00Monster-41-Micro: $6K Gtd, 3x-Rebuy, Turbo$1.10
28 October22:00Monster-42-Micro: $8K Gtd, Turbo$5.50
29 October00:00Monster-43-Micro: $4K Gtd 6-Max, PKO-50%$3.30
29 October12:00Monster-44-Micro: $100K Gtd, Final Phase 1$2.20
29 October14:00Monster-45-Micro: $3K Gtd, Rebuy$1.10
29 October16:00Monster-46-Micro: $100K Gtd, Main Event Warm-Up$11
29 October17:00Monster-47-Micro: $10K Gtd 6-Max, Ultra-Deep$5.50
29 October18:00Monster-48-Micro: $20K Gtd 6-Max$3.30
29 October19:00Monster-49-Micro: $300K Gtd, MAIN EVENT$22
29 October20:00Monster-50-Micro: $25K Gtd, Deep Payouts$4.40
29 October21:00Monster-51-Micro: $3K Gtd$1.10
29 October22:00Monster-52-Micro: $25K Gtd$5.50
30 October00:00Monster-53-Micro: $8K Gtd 6-Max, PKO-33%, Turbo$3.30
30 October16:00Monster-54-Micro: $1K Gtd 6-Max, Ante Only$2.20
30 October17:00Monster-55-Micro: $2K Gtd$4.40
30 October18:00Monster-56-Micro: $3K Gtd$1.10
30 October19:00Monster-57-Micro: $10K Gtd, 1R1A$5.50
30 October20:00Monster-58-Micro: $8K Gtd 6-Max$3.30
30 October22:00Monster-59-Micro: $1K Gtd, Turbo$2.20
30 October00:00Monster-60-Micro: $3K Gtd, Shallow Payouts, Turbo$4.40
31 October14:00Monster-61-Micro: $2K Gtd$1.10
31 October15:00Monster-62-Micro: $5K Gtd, 1R1A$5.50
31 October16:00Monster-63-Micro: $8K Gtd$3.30
31 October17:00Monster-64-Micro: $6K Gtd 6-Max, PKO-20%$2.20
31 October18:00Monster-65-Micro: $15K Gtd$4.40
31 October19:00Monster-66-Micro: $15K Gtd, Mix-Max (9 to 6)$5.50
31 October20:00Monster-67-Micro: $5K Gtd 6-Max$3.30
31 October21:00Monster-68-Micro: $6K Gtd, 4x-Rebuy, Turbo$1.10
31 October22:00Monster-69-Micro: $6K Gtd 6-Max$2.20
31 October00:00Monster-70-Micro: $5K Gtd, PKO-33%, Turbo$4.40

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  1. Download PartyPoker and signup for a free poker account.
  2. Get up to $500 bonus with your first deposit.
  3. Play the Party Poker Monster Series tournaments.