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Published: 24th October 2011 Written by Poker News
Updated: 4th December 2023

new 888poker+ 888 poker loungesThe new 888poker+ software is out with some outstanding new features that could possible make 888 Poker software one of the most advanced poker rooms in the World. 888Poker have gone one step beyond by combining something similar to Pokerstars Home Games known as 888 Poker lounges with their 888 PokerCam technology.

This allows players to create their own private cash games or tournaments to play against their family and friends, with the use of web cams for the ultimate online poker experience, 888 Poker Plus turn it on.

But that’s not all, to celebrate the release of the new 888poker+ software several promotions are running where players can win $50,000 in prizes and play bounty tournaments featuring Shane Warne, Santiago Canizares, Sam Holden (2011 WSOP November Nine) and many more.

888 Poker Bonus

Get a bigger deposit bonus when downloading 888Poker from this page  – 100% first deposit bonus up to $600. New players can sign-up for a free poker account and get an $8 free no deposit poker bonus (no deposit required).

Download 888 PokerDownload 888 Poker


 New 888poker+ Software – 888 Poker Lounges

888Poker have once again taken the lead on their competition with the new addition of 888Poker lounges & PokerCam tournaments and cash games. Create your poker game in 888poker lounges and you and your friends will all earn entry into a 888 Poker freeroll with a $3,000 prize pool.

Download 888Poker (latest version with 888poker lounges), make your first deposit and get a 100% first deposit bonus up to $600. New players can sign-up to 888Poker and get a $8 free poker bankroll with no deposit required however this is limited to selected countries for more information see 888 Poker no deposit bonus

888 PokerCam

888 PokerCam known as webcam poker is a great addition to online poker, it can be compared to playing your friends at online poker while chatting to them on Skype. You can brag, complain and see when your opponents are getting heated, you could probably even notice the veins on their necks pulsate when they’re pulling off a big bluff. This is as close as you’ll get to playing live poker at a casino but you’re doing it from home.

888Pokercam cash games and tournaments can be found in the lobby represented with a PokerCam Icon. To play web cam poker you will need:

PC with a webcam or laptop with one built in.
Most webcams have microphones built in, if not attach a mic.
Internet connection (128KB bandwidth for streaming audio and video).

Players can still join and play on the 888 PokerCam tables without a webcam but their visuals and audio will not feature at the table.

888 Poker Lounges

With the latest 888poker+ software update, players now have the option to create their own customized poker games using 888Poker lounges. Create your own private cash games or tournaments and invite and play online poker against your buddies, players can fully customize every aspect of their private poker games including the option to allow PokerCam, which let’s players use their web cams at the poker table. Players can setup a password protected game and only invite the players they wish to join them at the table. Setup your weekly home game and play against all your friends from around the world.

You can now set the date and time for the ultimate poker showdown with your buddies and even setup a rematch or your own poker league the options are unlimited.

To create your own poker game click on the ‘Lounges’ tab in the 888 Poker lobby or for a guide on how to create and play 888 Poker Lounges click here.

888Poker Celebrity Challenges

Play against Team 888Poker using the new 888 Poker lounges, players must send a request to their favorite celebrity for their invitation to their private bounty tournament. Registration for these events are only 88c and players can win a bounty prize of $100 for each celeb they knockout of the tournament.

James Anderson
UK cricket legend
888poker Username: Janderson9
$2,000 Anderson Celebrity Challenge
Date: 2 November 2011
Time: 20:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $2,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Janderson9’

Santiago Canizares
Spanish football goalkeeper
888poker Username: Canizares888
$3,000 Canizares Celebrity Challenge
Date: 9 November 2011
Time: 19:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $3,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Canizares888’

Tyler Bonkowski
Canadain Poker Pro
888poker Username: Bonkman5
$1,000 Bonkowski Celebrity Challenge
Date: 16 November 2011
Time: 01:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $1,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Bonkman5’

Helen Chamberlain
UK TV presenter
888poker Username: HellsBellsy
$1,000 Chamberlain Celebrity Challenge
Date: 17 November 2011
Time: 20:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $1,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘HellsBellsy’

Sam Holden
2011 WSOP November Nine
888poker Username: Sam_Holden
$2,000 Holden Celebrity Challenge
Date: 18 November 2011
Time: 20:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $2,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Sam_Holden’

Shane Warne
Australian cricket legend
888poker Username: Warne888
$3,000 Warne Celebrity Challenge
Date: 25 November 2011
Time: 21:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $3,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Warne888’

Charlotte Jackson
UK TV presenter
888poker Username: Charlottejac
$1,000 Jackson Celebrity Challenge
Date: 29 November 2011
Time: 19:00 GMT
Buy-in: $0.88
Prize: $1,000 prize pool & $100 Bounty on ‘Charlottejac’