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Published: 19th May 2011 Written by Online Casino Games
Updated: 5th December 2023

PartyCasino have opened a craps table shoot dice at Party Casino with bonus codes.PartyCasino have added another great game to its already formidable range of online casino games with the addition of Online Craps. It’s just a real pity that most players who enjoy the game of Craps are likely to be American and they are not allowed to play for real money at PartyCasino but I’m sure if they could they would simply adore PartyCasino’s new online craps game as will a few other players around the world who enjoy playing dice.

The Party Casino craps table is pretty straight forward to those who already know the game, for those who don’t it’s a pretty tough game to learn which may be a post for another day but Party Casino offer many other top casino games including slots, Roulette and Blackjack.

Betting is as easy as selecting your chip denomination from then clicking with the mouse where you would like to bet, the odds allowed behind the passline is 3 times the passline bet maximum, making it pretty straight forward and simple to calculate with no true double odds or triple odds.

One thing that varies from the playing a live game vs. the online craps version is that there is no option to take you bets down when coming out, so if you have pressed or parlayed your bets during a good roll then you make your point and come out again all your bets will now be active/working as there is no override to turn the place bets off during the comeout roll your best bet would be to remove all your bets then try reassemble the as they once were the same is also true when hitting number place bets they come down once the number is hit and you need to manually replace the wagers or manually press/parlay them.

PartyCasino have a no download instant play version of their casino game known as PartyCasino Anywhere which allows play from your favorite internet browser which is also Windows, Mac and Linux compatible, but in order to fully enjoy your experience it is highly recommended to download the full suite of PartyCasino games.

PartyCasino offers over 160 casino games online and is the World’s Largest Online Casino accepting deposits from players worldwide excluding the USA.

PartyCasino Bonus Code

CODEBONUS – 100% PartyCasino bonus up to $500
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PartyCasino Craps Features

For me the best feature PartyCasino craps offers is it’s flexible table limits where bets as low as 50 cents can be placed but punters can wager up to $30,000 on a single bet making playing craps at Party Casino accessible to everyone’s limit from the small players right up to the high limit Craps player many other online Casinos have missed the point of craps by not allowing the lower end bets most only offer limits in excess of $2 minimum which is pretty steep for an online casino game especially seeing that the action is so much faster.

Party Casino’s Craps table permits you to the table colour to green (default) red, blue or purple.


PartyCasino Craps Table

PartyCasino’s Craps Table

Turbo mode allows players to toggle between watching the dice roll animation (making your heart race) or an instant result in which the final result of the die are shown.

Table limits are 50 cents up to $30,000

PartyCasino Craps Odds payouts

PartyCasino have left the odds of the game and payments as found in live Las Vegas craps Casino games.

Passline odds and payment behind the line

Points                  Pass Line, Come Odds bets pay           Max Odds behind the line

4 and 10               2 : 1                                                          3 times max of Pass Line / Come Bet

5 and 9                 3 : 2                                                          3 times max of Pass Line / Come Bet

6 and 8                 6 : 5                                                          3 times max of Pass Line / Come Bet

Place bet number payments

These bets are on made on the number select the area labelled Win *-* under your selected numbers to place bets on them.

4 and 10               9 : 5

5 and 9                 7 : 5

6 and 8                 7 : 6


Buy Bet Odds

Points                     Buy Bet Payout

4 and 10                 2 : 1 less 5% vig

5 and 9                   3 : 2 less 5% vig

6 and 8                   6 : 5 less 5% vig


Lay Bet Odds:

Points                  Lay Bet Payout

4 and 10               1 : 2 less 5% vigourish

5 and 9                 2 : 3 less 5% vigourish

6 and 8                 5 : 6 less 5% vigourish


Lay Place Bet Payments

Opposite to place bets you may lay the numbers that a seven will roll prior to your place bet number rolling to win according to the odds table below.

Points                   Lay Bet Payout

4 and 10               5:11

5 and 9                 5:8

6 and 8                 4:5


Craps Proposition Bets Payouts

ANY SEVEN   (big red)                             7 next roll             4 : 1

TWO                (Two crap (snake eyes))   2 next roll            30 : 1

TWELVE         (12 crap (box cars))         12 next roll            30 : 1

HORN              (Horn Bet)    2, 3, 11, or 12 next roll           3 or 11 pays 15 : 1  / 2 or 12 pays 30 : 1

THREE             (Three Crap (ace deuce))  3 next roll            15 :1

ELEVEN           (Yo eleven)                      11 next roll          15 : 1

ANY CRAPS       2, 3, or 12 next roll                                    7 : 1

C&E        (craps eleven)        2, 3, 11, or 12 next roll    Craps pays 7 : 1 / Eleven pays 15 : 1


Some Quick Craps Playing Tips:

Odds behind the line and odds on come bets known as taking your odds are the best bets in the Casino as they payout at the true percentage of their probability of hitting, the same is true about Don’t Come and Don’t Pass Bar.

Your next best bets on a craps table are the Don’t Pass Bar then the Passline  and come bets as the house win percentage is relatively small on these betting combinations.

The worst possible bets on a craps table percentage wise are all the proposition bets, hardways, big six, big eight and the field bet.

Use one of the PartyCasino Bonus Codes listed below when making your first deposit at Party Casino as it will enhance your bankroll and provide you with more chance to win when playing craps online.

PartyCasino Bonus Codes

Not only does PartyCasino offer the biggest and probably the very best online casino in the world they also offer new players a choice of one of the many first deposit bonus codes. Simply choose the best PartyCasino bonus code that suites the casino games you intend on playing in your preferred currency from the list of Party Casino bonuses below:
CODEBONUS – 100% up to $500 PartyCasino bonus
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PCBONUS – 30% up to $150

PartyCasino Bonus in Euros

PCWAP – 100% up to €500
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15PARTY – €15 First deposit bonus for PartyCasino.

Party Casino Bonus Code Pounds GBP

GBPARTY -100% up to £500
75PARTY – 30% up to £75 PartyCasino deposit bonus
12PARTY –  £12 bonus

PartyCasino Slots Player Bonus Codes

The below bonus codes are for players who intend to play slot games at Party Casino

PC3000 -100% bonus up to $3000 *

3000EURO – 100% up to €3000 *

3000GBP – 100% up to £3000 *

* The Party Casino Slots bonus codes listed above are recommended for slot players only; use one of the Party Casino bonuses when making your first deposit to activate your first deposit bonus, you will be awarded a 100% match bonus up to $/£/€ 750 this bonus is then repeated on your next 3 deposits, to get the bonus awarded on your next 3 deposits you must then enter Party Casino reload bonus code 750SLOTS on every redeposit making the total PartyCasino bonus $/£/€3000.

For more detailed information about Party Casino bonus codes visit our PartyCasino Bonus code review page.