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Published: 8th August 2016 Written by Mobile Poker Apps
Updated: 9th January 2024

party poker app multi tableParty Poker App Multi-Table options are now available on Android and iOS mobiles and tablets, this is just one of the awesome new features released with this week’s app update.

You now be able to play on up to four tables at once on Party Poker mobile, tables can be a mixed variety of cash games, SNG or tournaments.

The new improvements will enhance game-play and user experience, other new features include a Customisable bet slider, swipe right to fold and Mini table view.

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Party Poker App Multi-Table on Mobile

Some major new features have been implemented to the mobile client in the latest update including: Party Poker App Multi-Table options, mini table view, quick fold and customisable bet slider.

New Features available:

  • Multi-Table up to four games simultaneously.
  • Multi-Table both cash games and tournaments
  • Mini table view with quick fold options
  • Customisable bet slider
  • Scroll or tap between tables
  • Add similar – grab a seat at another table in one tap
  • Seat selection – take your pick at cash game tables
  • Alerts – never miss a hand again
  • Back to table button – one button and you’re back in your seat
  • Pre-selected actions – check, fold or call in advance

How to Download Party Poker App

party poker app android

Download Party Poker App for iPad, iPhone and Android

  1. Click on the link from your mobile device.
  2. Signup for a free PartyPoker account.
  3. Play your favourite poker games on mobile.

Party Poker App Multi-Table

The best new feature of the latest update is the ability to play multiple tables at the same time on your mobile or tablet.

To multi-table just register for SNG or tournament or join a cash game table like you normally would.

To open up another table simply click on the plus icon in the mini view mode and the game types will load select your buy-in amount to join.

You can also return to the main menu and manually search and join another table from the lobby.

If it’s your turn to act at a table while you’re browsing for games in the lobby view you’ll receive an alert so you won’t miss out on any hands.

Mini Table View

The mini table view makes multi-tabling much easier for players to view all the vital table information they need to see while switching between tables.

Players will be able to see all their hole cards, number of players, timer and status. Active players at the tables are represented by an orange dot, players still in the hand have a white dote and folded players have a grey dot.

Active tables that require an action are highlighted in orange when it’s your turn to act, the orange bar fills up as your time runs out. There are also sound alerts which notify you when a table needs an action performed.

Swipe to fold

Quick fold your hand by simply swiping right, you can also perform this action in multi table view so that you don’t have to leave your current active table to fold hands on other tables.

Customisable bet slider

The bet slider has been dramatically improved and now gives players three options for betting and bet sizes at the tables. These options include:

  • Bet slider, drag the slider button left or right to adjust the bet size.
  • +/- buttons, use the – or + button to adjust the bet size.
  • Custom buttons, a choice of three buttons which can be pre-selected based on pot size ie: double bet, three bet or four bet.

More information on the Party Poker App