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Published: 2nd January 2009 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 8th December 2023

Party Casino The Terminator slot game PromotionParty Casino have just launched The Terminator slot game for the New Year and will be running The Terminator promotion between the 14th – 18th January 2009 in celebration of the launch. Earn bonus cash while playing The Terminator and other Jackpot and slot games during the promotional dates. Start playing today and win up to $500K in cash.

Download The Terminator Slot game and use: EXTRA25, PCBONUS, CODEBONUS, PCWAP or GBPARTY as yourPartyCasino Bonus Code.

Download PartyCasino The TerminatorParty-Casino - The Terminator Slot Game

PartyCasino Promotions for January

PartyCasino the terminator slotPartyCasino Crazy 10% Cash Back Bonus

8th January – 00:00 Eastern Time until 9th January – 23:59 Eastern Time

Qualify by depositing on 8th – 9th January 2009

PartyCasino The Terminator Promotion

14th – 18th January 2009

Earn bonus cash while playing The Terminator slot game.

PartyCasino Roulette Revolution

25th – 26th January 2009

Spin the wheel for your chance to win up to $500 in PartyCasino’s $10K Roulette Revolution Promotion

PartyCasino – The Terminator Slot Game

The Terminator Objectives:

PartyCasino’s The Terminator is a 5 reel, 20 pay line slot game which includes free spins and two bonus stages where you can win additional prizes. The Terminator symbol substitutes for all symbols other than the scattered T800 Head symbol. The “Locating Sarah Connor” bonus stage is triggered when three or more T800 Head symbols are visible. Free Spin mode kicks in when the Nitro Bomb symbol shows on the 1st reel, and when the Bike symbol shows on the 3rd reel plus the Tanker appearing in the 5th reel last. The Kyle Reese bonus stage is completely random and can activate at any point.

How to play The Terminator slot Game:

Selecting amount of pay lines: By default 20 lines are selected this amount can be decreased or increased

Default bet is set at $0.25 a line for each 20 pay lines, totaling the bet to $5. Bets can be increased or decreased according to your available amount


$50 when 20 lines are selected ($1000)

Maximum Bet:

Party Casino Bonus codesParty Casino The Terminator slot game Promotion

  • EXTRA25 -$25 Extra on First Deposit $25 extra bonus
  • PCBONUS – 30% up to $150 Extra On First Deposit
  • CODEBONUS – 100% up to $500 extra on First deposit

PartyCasino Euros Bonus code (deposit € Euro currency)

  • PCWAP 100% up to €500 Extra on First deposit

PartyCasino Bonus Code for Pounds GBP (deposit £ GBP pounds)

  • GBPARTY-100% up to £500 Extra on First deposit

All above PartyCasino codes are valid bonuses.

Download PartyCasinoPartyCasino - The Terminator Slot Game

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