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Published: 6th September 2013 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 11th December 2023

partypoker new softwarePartyPoker new software released, the latest version of Party Poker is a combination of an online poker room crossed with a social network.

Players can make new friends at the tables, unlock achievements, complete missions and post updates to their personal poker profile.

The concept is similar to what Zynga Poker offers but with real money poker games from a poker room with many years experience in online poker.

In this review we’ll look at some of the new features available and understanding how to use the new Party Poker software.

PartyPoker New Software Released

PartyPoker have revolutionized the way online poker is played with the latest release of their software which seems to be a hybrid of online poker and a social network of poker players.

Players can now complete their missions and achievements to collect Badges of honour while playing at their favorite poker tables.

The newly designed lobby incorporates a built-in social network where players have their own profiles and can post status updates for their friends, the profile also has an activity feed where players actions are shown.

Download PartyPoker and update to the new version of the software.

Party Poker Achievements

party poker achievementsnew partypoker

Players are now recognized for their achievements at the poker tables, there are three types of achievements: Collectables, Milestones and Highlights.


Get dealt specific starting hands or winning a hand at showdown to earn collectables and rank higher on the site.

Eg: Ducks – Get dealt pocket 2’s as your starting hand to add to your collection of achievements.


Play poker like you normally would and unlock milestones as you play, these include: Playing a required amount of hands on cash games tables, SNG, tournaments or fastforward poker.


These are all your victories at the poker tables like tournament or SNG wins and hot streaks for winning more than one game in a row.

EG: Heating Up – finish in the money in two SNG tournaments in a row.

Party Poker Missions

Complete PartyPoker missions to earn rewards like entries into freerolls, bonus or cash. Improve your poker game by trying new games and completing missions and earning rewards.

Players must choose the mission and complete the requirements to get the reward, players can pause current missions and select other new missions.

The Mission progress meter let’s players know what they have completed and what still needs to be done to collect that reward.

Party Poker Social

PartyPoker have gone social with the new software, players can access their own poker profile where they can socialize with other players.

The social network is available directly from the PartyPoker lobby, update your profile, status and an automatic feed of all your mission, achievements and much more.

Make new friends at the poker tables and add them to your friends list, players can search for friends by email or by their PartyPoker screen name. All friends requests are pending until approved by a player, players will receive notifications for any messages or activity on their profile.

PartyPoker also takes privacy very seriously, players can make their profiles private or public by decide what they wish to share with the poker community.

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