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Published: 10th February 2010 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

PartyPoker Play Money Chips policy and new capEarlier this month, PartyPoker changed their play money chip policy and imposed chip stack caps to non-real money player accounts.

Party Poker play money chip counts can now only reach a maximum of 250,000 play chips.

PartyPoker’s decision to cap the play money accounts has caused somewhat of an upheaval amongst loyal play money chip players at, many of whom had amassed virtual fortunes only to wake up the next morning to find their hard earned free chips cut right down to a meagre P$250,000.

The official statement via their blog went along these lines: “We recently implemented a new policy that restricts play money accounts to a maximum number of chips. This decision has the vast majority of our play money players in mind, and is intended to stop the transferring of chips from account-to-account outside of regular hands of poker… Although this may have affected some play money players in the short term, the decision was made in the interest of our play money games and the fair play benefits it will bring. We will not reverse our decision.”

PartyPoker Play Money Chips, bankrolls depleted

For those who have never tried a play money account at PartyPoker, here’s how it works, players opening an account at PartyPoker get 1,000 play chips to begin with and are permitted two reloads of 1,000 play money chips within 24 hrs, prior to the new policy players were permitted to amass an infinite amount of chips. Players were never allowed to transfer their play money winnings between each other yet lo and behold there were players caught dumping chips to each other for a price. In addition to this some play money players stooped as low as selling their play money chips on ebay, with other sites like chipempire selling play-money chips where players could purchase a billion chips for a mere $400.

Now understandably if playing poker for play money is your thing and your bankroll was bursting at the seams you would be pretty upset with the new policy, but let’s be realistic here, it’s only FREE Play-Money, besides I have tried out play money games at Party Poker in the past and it certainly can’t be called poker it’s like a full on donk fest with all-in’s and re-raising galore, certainly the skills are somewhat lacklustre vs. that of the real money poker games.

My suggestion to all of those die hard PartyPoker play-money chip players is quite simple really why even get upset just move on and play for real money, as let’s face it, you were wasting your time in any case and if you have any skill then put it to the true test by playing for real and if you are that upset with, minimum deposit is $10 at Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars for first time depositing players plus it’s coupled with a bonus to reward you for your effort.

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PokerStars vs Full Tilt Poker

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Sure, perhaps Party-Poker was wrong and should have informed play money account players that this policy change was in the works, but they didn’t and if they did you still would not feel any better about the situation, after all, it was offered as a free service to entice new players to their game not for profit by non-real money players and you can be sure that it costs them as a company loads to run the service free and try stamp out all the associated dubious behavior and abuse.

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Deposit or sign up and play for free at, just note that now play chip accounts are now capped at 250k.

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below about the new PartyPoker play money chip policy.

4 Responses to PartyPoker Play Money Chips Policy?
  • Brooklyn says:

    I play only on a play money account. Now I try to play and it says ‘Sorry we’re not allowed to let you play.’ and another message I get is ‘your country has been blocked’ What is going on.

  • Full House says:

    I think UltimateBet has the best play money system they will give any player $50 if they reach 10 million chips and they will be added to the Play Chip Hall of Fame. One player has already done this 5 times, at least there is a goal to strive for when you are learning to play.

    As for PartyPoker I think they should have joined in on the selling of free chips, Zynga does it they sell a million chips for $50, which are for entertainment value only and have zero cash value. Although it is rather pointless $50 could get you alot further playing for real money.


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