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Published: 26th November 2008 Written by Poker News
Updated: 8th December 2023

Party Poker Premier League 3Party Poker Premier League III will continue until the 30th November with poker legends Phil Hellmuth, Tom Dwan, JC Tran, Nenad Medic, Devilfish, Tony G, Vicky Coren, Annette Obrestad, Roland de Wolfe, Andy Black, Juha Helppi and Peter Eastgate.

Here are the PartyPoker Premier League III results up to heat 5 currently JC Tran is leading with 20 points and Tony G and Juha Helppi behind both having 12 points.

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The event features twelve of the best players on the circuit playing a unique league format. The twelve players get to play six heats in the first stages with the top 4 players forwarding to the final table for heads up matches until the winner emerges from final two seats to claim first place. Buy-in for the event was $75,000 with $350,000 added extra, with a massive $1.25 million prize pool.

Dates: 24th – 30th November 2008

Premier League Event Venue: 3 Mills Film Studios, UK

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1st heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw

  1. Peter Eastgate
  2. Annette Obrestad
  3. JC Tran
  4. Devilfish
  5. Andy Black
  6. Roland De Wolfe

Peter Eastgate, World Series of Poker 2008 winner played a great game in the first round, making it to heads up but was defeated by JC Tran.

Final Heads up: Eastgate went all-in with Q-3, and was called and beaten by JC Tran with Ah Kc.

flop: Jd 10d 9h
turn: 9d

JC Tran earns ten points and Peter Eastgate earning 6 points.

Annette Obrestad, youngest WSOPE main event winner, finished in 3rd place, earning four points.

Andy Black,Ireland, took 4th position, followed by Roland de Wolfe, UK, in fifth and Dave Ulliot last.

2nd heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw

  1. Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan
  2. Tony G
  3. Vicky Coren
  4. Juha Helppi
  5. Nenad Medic
  6. Phil Hellmuth

Tom Dwan, took control of the 2nd Heat and knocked out every player before Tony G sent him to the rail.

Final Heads up: Tom Dwan went all in with Jh 2s and was called by Tony G holding an As 5s

flop: 10c Ad 7c
turn: 5d

Tony G winning the 2nd heat with 10 Points, 6 earned by Durr

Vicky Coren took 3rd place, and Phil Hellmuth was 4th, Juha Helppi came 5th and Nenad Medic finished last.

3rd heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw

  1. Annette Obrestad
  2. Roland De Wolfe
  3. Phil Hellmuth
  4. Juha Helppi
  5. Medic
  6. Tony G

Final Heads up: Juha Helppi raised with Kd Qc, with Annette Obrestad going all-in with her Jh 4h which was called by juha.

flop revealing low cards 7 2 6 and an 8 on the turn followed by the card Juha wanted to see a Q on the river

Juha Helppi wins 3rd heat.

4th heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw

  1. JC Tran
  2. Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan
  3. Dave Devilfish Ulliott
  4. Vicky Coren
  5. Peter Eastgate
  6. Andy Black

Final Heads up: JC Tran had Ah 6s and raised with Vicky Coren pushing all in with pocket kings Kd Ks followed by JC Tran call.

On the flop Js Ad 2h were revealed with a 10c in the turn and on the river 9h making Vicky Coren gets 6 Points with JC TRAN leading with 20 Points.

5th heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw:

  1. Peter Eastgate
  2. Juha Helppi
  3. Vicky Coren
  4. Nenad Medic
  5. Annette Obrestad
  6. JC Tran

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Final Heads up: Peter Eastgate decides to raise with his Kh3c forcing JC Tran all-in with his As 7d

flop: Qh Ks 3d
turn: Qd
river: Jc

Eastgate wins the 5th heat with ten points and JC Tran scoring 6 points.

6th heat of the Premier League III

Seat draw:

  1. Roland De Wolfe
  2. Phil Hellmuth
  3. Tom ‘Durrrr’ Dwan
  4. Andy Black
  5. Tony G
  6. Devilfish

Final Heads up: Phil Hellmuth raises 25k holding Kc 10c to 25k… Roland De Wolfe then going all in with Ac Qd with Hellmuth calling the re-raise.

5d 8h 3d
turn: 7s
river: Ks

Phil Hellmuth wins the 6th heat with ten points and Roland De Wolfe scoring 6 points.

7th heat of the Premier League III

Seat Draw

  1. Phil Hellmuth
  2. Roland De Wolfe
  3. Tony G
  4. JC Tran
  5. Tom Durrrr Dwan
  6. Nenad Medic

Final Heads up: Tom Dwan goes all-in with Ac 7c and is called by JC Tran holging Qd 7h

flop: As Kh 6c

Tom Dwan wins the 7th heat with ten points and JC Tran scoring 6 points.

8th heat of the Premier League III

Seat Draw:

  1. Annette Obrestad
  2. Devilfish
  3. Peter Eastgate
  4. Vicky Coren
  5. Andy Black
  6. Juha Helppi

Juha Helppi raises holding Kc Jh to be called by Peter Eastgate holding A K

flop: 4 5 Q
turn: 2
river: 7

Peter Eastgate wins the 8th heat with ten points and Juha Helppi scoring 6 points.

Point leaders after 8th heat

  • JC Tran 32
  • Tom Dwan 22
  • Peter Eastgate 16
  • Roland De Wolfe 16
  • Tony G 16
  • Juha Helppi 14
  • Vicky Coren 14
  • Phil Hellmuth 13
  • Annette Obrestad 10
  • Andy Black 10
  • Nenad Medic 9
  • Devilfish 3

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