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Published: 31st July 2008 Written by Mobile Poker Apps
Updated: 10th December 2023

PokerRoom MobilePokerRoom mobile games are free to download and play. The latest improved mobile version has some excellent new features that allows you to join mobile poker games faster using Quick Seat, the latest Join Table Guarantee helps with finding an available seat.

Controls and graphics have also been enhanced to simplify things whilst playing on your mobile device.

PokerRoom Mobile supports most mobile devices. Open a PokerRoom account before downloading the software to your mobile device. If you haven’t downloaded the latest version upgrade to the latest software to use the new features. Download PokerRoom and get mobile poker games for free.

Mobile Blackjack

BlackJack can now be played on your mobile with excellent graphics and the smooth game play.

PokerRoom Mobile Information

Most mobile phones have access to the Internet these days, network providers often install the Mobile Internet settings before phones are sold. If your settings are missing or incorrect you can download them using SMS and installing on the device before installing the game. Don’t forget to restart the phone for settings to take affect.

Network providers have many policies for Internet access. Certain network can block connections to some sites, others may require you to be set up with a data plan charging a monthly fee for visiting internet sites or charge data transfer fees while to accessing the Internet.

Screen shots

PokerRoom Mobile LobbyPokerRoom Mobile MenuPokerRoom Mobile Table

PokerRoom Mobile is compatible with most mobile phones

(Tried and tested devices)

Nokia 1650 2600 2610 2626 2630 2660 2760 2855 2865 3109 3110 3152 3155 3155i 3220 3230 3250 3500 5070 5140 5140i 5300 5310 5500 5610 5700 6020 6021 6030 6030b 6060 6070 6086 6101 6102 6103 6110 6111 6120 6125 6126 6131 6151 6152 6155 6155i 6170 6230 6230i 6233 6234 6235 6235i 6255 6260 6265 6265i 6267 6270 6275 6275i 6280 6282 6288 6290 6300 6301 6500 6555 6600 6620 6630 6670 6680 6681 6682 6822 7260 7270 7360 7370 7373 7390 7500 7610 7900 8800 8801 E50 E51 E65 N70 N71 N72 N73 N75 N76 N81 N82 N91 N92 N93 N93i N95

Sony Ericsson C702 C902 D750i F500i J300a J300c J300i K300a K300c K300i K310i K320i K500c K500i K508i K510i K600i K608i K610i K618i K630i K700c K700i K790i K800 S700i S710a V600i V800 W300i W350i W380i W550c W600i W700c W700i W710i W800c W800i W810c W810i W850i W890i W900c W900i Z1010 Z500a Z500c Z520 Z520a Z520i Z530i Z550i Z555 Z610i Z710i Z750i Z800c Z800i K530i K550i K610c K750i K770i K800c K810i K850i S500i T650i V630 W200i W550i W580i W610i W660i W880i W910i Z300i Z310i Z320i