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Published: 14th April 2014 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 2nd December 2023

pokerstars carnival of tournamentsThe PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments promotion is a two week celebration of 900 million tournaments played on PokerStars.

There are three ways to win extra cash in the PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments promotion:  million dollar guaranteed tourney, Golden Sit & Go’s and increased prize pools on the Daily Bigs tournaments.

The PokerStars Tourney Number 900 Million will be a million guaranteed tournament with an additional $100k in prizes awarded to random players during the first two hours.

There is $500k in cash to be won playing SNG’s, random Golden Sit & Go’s will feature increased prize pools up to six times.

The PokerStars Daily Bigs tournaments will have prize pools increased by up to three times the regular guaranteed amount.

PokerStars Bonus

PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments

Join in the celebrations as PokerStars host their 900 millionth poker tournament, win extra cash and prizes between 14th – 27th April 2014 for the PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments.

The PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments promotion offers great value to players who play tournaments or SNG games. Players can win millions in cash and tournament tickets during the two week promo dates.

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Tourney Number 900 Million

pokerstars carnival of tournamentsThe 900 Millionth PokerStars tournament will be a special million dollar guaranteed tourney with an additional $100k in prizes randomly awarded. Prizes are issued every ten minutes for the first two hours of the tournament and includes: tournament tickets, cash and a live event package.

Buy-in directly for $109 or qualify through satellite tournaments with buy-ins starting at $1.

Tourney Number 900 Million
Date: 27th April 2014
Time: 13:00 ET
Buy-in: $100 + $9
Max Players: 50,000
Prize Pool: $1,000,000

Players can register for the tourney in the PokerStars lobby by clicking on Tourney->Special.

Tourney Number 900 Million Prizes

  • The Big $55 tournament ticket (5 tables, 45 players)
  • $300 cash (5 tables, 45 players)
  • PokerStars Sunday Million tournament ticket $215 (5 tables, 45 players)
  • $200 cash (5 tables, 45 players)
  • PokerStars Sunday Kickoff ticket $109 (5 tables, 45 players)
  • $50 cash (5 tables, 45 players)
  • 2 x The Hot $5.50 tournament ticket (50 tables, 450 players)
  • $109 buy-in refunded (5 tables, 45 players)
  • $10 cash (5 tables, 45 players)
  • 5 x $11 Sunday Storm tickets (5 tables, 45 players)
  • PokerStars Players Choice live event package (2 tables, up to 18 players)

PokerStars live event package (€1,100 buy-in, plus $1,500 for hotel or spending).

$500K Milestone Golden Sit & Go’s

Play SNG games and win extra cash if you are seated at a Golden Sit & Go game, there is more than $500k in extra cash to be won. Prizes are awarded randomly and players can see the final prize pool as the tournament starts.

There are three different prize levels which includes: buy-in refunded and prize pool multiplied by double, triple or six times the regular amount.

PokerStars Milestone Golden Sit & Go Giveaway – Big, Bigger or Biggest prize.

  • BIG: buy-in refunded, prize pool doubled.
  • BIGGER: 2x buy-in plus triple prize pool.
  • BIGGEST: 5x buy-in and prize pool multiplied by six.

EG: a player registers for a $1 buy-in SNG and the game is randomly chosen as a BIGGEST prize, all players in the tournament will get $5 cash and regular prize pool will be increased by six times.

Qualifying SNG games of any buy-in amount and includes: heads-up, 6-max and multi-table tournaments.

SNG Milestone Rewards

There will also be SNG Milestone Rewards with a special golden SNG for each $100k paid out in prizes. The milestone SNG will offer even bigger rewards with buy-in refunded a cash prize and increased prize pool.

  • Milestone Reward: 10x buy-in refunded, $100 cash and prize pool increased 10x.
  • Mega Milestone Reward: 20x buy-in refunded, $500 cash and prize pool increased 20x.

The Mega Milestone tournament takes place when $500k in prizes have been claimed in Golden Sit & Go games during the PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments promo.

PokerStars Big, Bigger, Biggest Tournaments

The PokerStars Daily Big tournaments will have more than $2 million in added prize pools in the last week of the PokerStars Carnival of Tournaments promotion.

Prize pools will be increased up to triple the original guarantee between 21-27 April 2014. There is also $100k in cash prizes and tournament tickets issued randomly to players seated in any of the PokerStars Daily Big tournaments.

Daily Bigs: 21-25 April – added prizes, prize pools increased by 50%.
The Bigger: 26 April – prize pools doubled, plus added prizes.
The Biggest: 27April – guaranteed prize pools tripled.

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