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Published: 11th August 2016 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 10th December 2023

888 Poker Super XL 2016 scheduleThe 888 Poker Super XL 2016 schedule has been released with all the events now showing on the Super XL tab in the tournament lobby adding up to over four million in guaranteed prize pools.

The Super XL series is scheduled to take place between 17-25 September 2016 with forty online poker tournaments added to the schedule.

Start playing for your seat to the $1,5 million guaranteed Main Event and other events for free in the daily Super XL qualifier tournaments.

Signup and get two Super XL Qualifier tournament tickets plus up to $88 in poker bonuses, no deposit required.

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Super XL 2016 – 888Poker

Play for your share of the four million in guaranteed prize pools this September in the 888 Poker Super XL 2016 series of tournaments. The Main Event offers a massive million dollar prize pool and here’s how you can get your seat to the Main Event for free.

All players get two Super XL Qualifier tournament tickets which can be used to enter the daily tournament where players can win tickets to various tournaments on the Super XL 2016 schedule.


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888 Poker Super XL 2016 schedule

See the full Super XL 2016 schedule for the tournament details of 888 Poker series which takes place between 17-25 September 2016.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$100,000 Crazy 8 Super XL Kickoff18:00$88$100,000
$10,000 Mini Crazy 8 Super XL kickoff18:00$8.80$10,000
$10,000 Turbo Kickoff20:00$55$10,000

Sunday, 18 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$200,000 Mega Deep16:30 GMT$215$200,000
$300,000 Opening Event Multi Chancev17:00 GMT$160$300,000
$50,000 Mini Opening Event Multi Chance17:00 GMT$12$50,000
$250,000 Whale18:00 GMT$600$250,000
$30,000 Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance20:00 GMT$55$30,000
$10,000 Super Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance21:00 GMT$75$10,000

Monday, 19 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$15,000 Omaha Event18:00 GMT$109$15,000
$3,000 Mini Omaha Event18:00 GMT$12$3,000
$15,000 Turbo Snap Event Multi chance19:00 GMT$55$15,000
$5,000 Mini Turbo Snap Event Multi chance19:00 GMT$5$5,000
$3,000 Super Turbo Snap20:00 GMT$30$3,000

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$500,000 High Roller Event18:00 GMT$2,100$500,000
$150,000 Mini High Roller Event18:00 GMT$215$150,000
$60,000 Turbo High Roller Event20:00 GMT$160$60,000

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$50,000 8-Max Event18:00 GMT$109$50,000
$10,000 Mini 8-Max Event18:00 GMT$12$10,000
$5,000 Turbo 8-Max Event20:00 GMT$30$5,000
$10,000 Americas Event23:00 GMT$160$10,000
$2,000 Mini Americas Event23:00 GMT$12$2,000

Thursday, 22 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$5,000 Turbo Americas Event01:00 GMT$55$5,000
$50,000 R&A EVENT17:00 GMT$55$50,000
$10,000 Mini R&A EVENT17:00 GMT$5$10,000
$100,000 Quarterback Event18:00 GMT$215$100,000
$30,000 Mini Quarterback Event18:00 GMT$44$30,000
$30,000 Turbo Quarterback Event20:00 GMT$109$30,000

Friday, 23 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$30,000 Knockout Event18:00 GMT$150$30,000
$10,000 Mini Knockout Event18:00 GMT$35$10,000
$10,000 Turbo Knockout Event20:00 GMT$75$10,000

Saturday, 24 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$75,000 6 Max Event18:00 GMT$160$75,000
$15,000 Mini 6 Max Event18:00 GMT$30$15,000
$10,000 Turbo 6 Max Event20:00 GMT$55$10,000

Sunday, 25 September 2016

EventTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
$200,000 Mega Deep16:30 GMT$215$200,000
$1,500,000 Main Event18:00 GMT$1,050$1,500,000
$150,000 Mini Main Event18:00 GMT$160$150,000
$15,000 Micro Main Event18:30 GMT$5$15,000
$30,000 Turbo Main Event20:00 GMT$109$30,000
$15,000 Super Turbo Main Event21:00 GMT$75$15,000