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Published: 10th January 2014 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 11th December 2023

tcoop 2014 pokerstarsThe TCOOP 2014 has been announced with 50 events scheduled in the PokerStars turbo poker tournament series.

The Turbo Championship of Online Poker features more than $15 million in total guaranteed prize pools running between 23 January – 2 February 2014.

The action packed turbo tournaments consist of a wide range of poker games and buy-ins available on the PokerStars TCOOP schedule.

Satellites tournaments are running now and offer players a way to get their seat to the 2014 TCOOP series for less than the direct buy-in.

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TCOOP 2014 – PokerStars

The PokerStars Turbo Championship of Online Poker 2014 is a tournament series of turbo and Hyper-Turbo events, the format adds more action with faster blind level increases in every event.

The series will be available to registered players on,,, and

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Starts playing for your seat to the series in the satellite tournaments running daily with buy-ins starting for only $1. Players can also buy-in directly on the day with buy-ins ranging from $7.50 up to $2,100.

PokerStars TCOOP Schedule 2014

EventDateTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
TCOOP Event 1 – NL Holdem 6-Max23 January12:00$27$750,000
TCOOP Event 2 – NL Courchevel Hi/Lo23 January14:00$55$50,000
TCOOP Event 3 – NL Holdem Knockout23 January16:00$215$750,000
TCOOP Event 4 – NL Holdem23 January18:00$55$300,000
TCOOP Event 5 – PL Omaha 6-Max, Rebuys, addon24 January08:00$27$100,000
TCOOP Event 6 – NL Holdem 6-Max, Shootout24 January10:00$55$100,000
TCOOP Event 7 – NL Holdem, Rebuys24 January12:00$27$400,000
TCOOP Event 8 – NL Holdem Big Antes, 2x Chance24 January14:00$82$300,000
TCOOP Event 9 – NL Holdem ,Turbo, Zoom25 January10:00$215$400,000
TCOOP Event 10 – NL Holdem ,Rebuys, 3x-Turbo25 January12:00$11$400,000
TCOOP Event 11 – NL Holdem Heads-Up25 January14:00$215$200,000
TCOOP Event 12 – NL Single Draw 2-725 January16:00$27$25,000
TCOOP Event 13 – Saturday Speedway Special25 January19:00$33$150,000
TCOOP Event 14 – NL Omaha Hi/Lo, Rebuys, 6-Max26 January08:30$82$150,000
TCOOP Event 15 – NL Holdem, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo26 January11:30$215$250,000
TCOOP Event 16 – NL Holdem, Prog. Super-Knockout26 January12:30$320$600,000
TCOOP Event 17 – NL Holdem, rebuy, addon26 January13:30$109$400,000
TCOOP Event 18 – PL Omaha, 6-Max, 2x-Turbo26 January15:30$27$300,000
TCOOP Event 19 – Sunday Supersonic, Hyper-Turbo26 January18:30$215$400,000
TCOOP Event 20 – PL 5-Card Omaha, 6-Max27 January08:00$82$75,000
TCOOP Event 21 – NL Holdem, 4-Max27 January10:00$27$150,000
TCOOP Event 22 – FL Omaha Hi/Lo27 January12:00$82$50,000
TCOOP Event 23 – NL Holdem, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo27 January14:00$215$400,000
TCOOP Event 24 – PL Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max28 January12:00$109$75,000
TCOOP Event 25 – NL Holdem, 8-Max28 January14:00$215$500,000
TCOOP Event 26 – Stud28 January16:00$27$50,000
TCOOP Event 27 – NL Holdem, Rebuys, 2x-Turbo28 January18:00$27$400,000
TCOOP Event 28 – NL Holdem, 2x Chance29 January08:00$82$200,000
TCOOP Event 29 – NL Holdem, Shootout, Knockout29 January10:00$215$125,000
TCOOP Event 30 – PL Omaha, 6-Max, 3x-Turbo29 January12:00$11$200,000
TCOOP Event 31 – Stud Hi/Lo29 January14:00$55$25,000
TCOOP Event 32 – NL Holdem, Rebuys, 3x-Turbo30 January12:00$7.50$400,000
TCOOP Event 33 – Razz30 January14:00$82$50,000
TCOOP Event 34 – NL Holdem, 2x Chance30 January16:00$215$400,000
TCOOP Event 35 – PL Omaha, 4-Max30 January18:00$82$100,000
TCOOP Event 36 – NL Draw31 January08:00$27$25,000
TCOOP Event 37 – NL Holdem, 6-Max31 January10:00$82$150,000
TCOOP Event 38 – NL Holdem, Ante Up31 January12:00$215$300,000
TCOOP Event 39 – FL Holdem, 6-Max31 January14:00$82$50,000
TCOOP Event 40 – HORSE1 February10:00$215$75,000
TCOOP Event 41 – PL Omaha Heads-Up, Knockout1 February12:00$215$75,000
TCOOP Event 42 – NL Holdem, Rebuys, 2x-Turbo1 February14:00$27$400,000
TCOOP Event 43 – NL Omaha Hi/Lo, Hyper-Turbo1 February16:00$109$75,000
TCOOP Event 44 – Saturday Speedway1 February19:00$33$150,000
TCOOP Event 45 – NL Holdem2 February06:00$109$125,000
TCOOP Event 46 – Sunday Warm-Up2 February11:00$215$750,000
TCOOP Event 47 – NL Holdem High Roller2 February12:00$2,100$1,000,000
TCOOP Event 48 – 8-Game2 February13:30$320$100,000
TCOOP Event 49 – NL Holdem Main Event2 February15:30$700$2,000,000
TCOOP Event 50 – Supersonic – Hyper-Turbo2 February18:30$215$500,000

Register for the 2014 TCOOP events and satellites tournaments in the PokerStars lobby.