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Published: 28th September 2011 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 4th December 2023

titan poker backbetTitan Poker BackBet is the latest feature added to the online poker room software, these special cash game tables allow players to make additional side bets or prop bets separate from the table pot. Back Bets are related to cards dealt at the table, players can bet on what their next hole cards will be, bet on the next card dealt at the table or the outcome of your folded hand.

The TitanPoker Backbet feature lets you use your poker bankroll to make side bets on selected the cash game tables, we all know how poker players love to gamble on crazy side bets.

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Titan Poker BackBet Games

titanpoker bonusTitan Poker Back Bet is an exciting new feature which let’s players make side bets while playing poker online, the latest feature is only available on the TitanPoker BackBet cash game tables, where players can make side-bets by clicking on the BackBet icon to reveal all the betting options available.

Bets made using the Back Bet feature will be deducted from your poker bankroll, players must be dealt into a hand before betting options become available.

Players can make poker prop bets based on the outcome of hands dealt at the table which include:

  • Betting on community cards
  • Betting on your next hole cards
  • Betting on your folded hand

These options offer players a chance to win real money making side bets at the tables, Titan Poker have combined poker players favorite two past times Online Poker & Prop Bets.

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TitanPoker BackBet Games

Titan Poker offer several side betting options while playing poker online:

Betting on community cards

Players can place bets on the prediction of what cards will be dealt next on the flop, turn and river, bet on the flop cards being either all black or red, there are many options including the next card being higher or lower than 9, higher than Queen or lower than 4.

Betting on your next hole cards

Predict what your next hole cards will be either a pocket pair, blackjack hand, both cards being high or low, cards of the same suit or connecters.

Betting on your folded hand

Hate folding a winning poker hand when another player over-bets the flop?

Players can still win cash when they have folded the winning poker hand, options like betting that you will hit your straight with your drawing hand and many more side betting options.