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Published: 21st October 2008 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th December 2023

titan poker royal flushTitan Poker are rewarding the top hand of the day with $100 as a daily promotion so you get some extra cash for that Royal Flush when everyone else at the table folds. Just get four of a kind with kings or higher ranking cards to qualify.

Download TitanPoker and use WAP as your Titan Poker Bonus Code to get 150%  up to $600 bonus on your first deposit as a Titanpoker bonus, plus a $25 instant bonus.

Download Titan PokerTitan Poker bonus Code

While playing any Texas Holdem real-money Titan Poker ring game (tournaments don’t apply) and you manage to get four of a kind with kings or higher using both pocket cards without folding, and you might qualify for Best Hand of the Day Bonus and earn $100.

Titan Poker bonus code WAP

Titan Poker Best Hand of the Day Bonus Rules

  • Four of a Kind Kings or higher using pocket cards.
  • Texas Holdem real-money ring game (tournament don’t apply)
  • One Top Hand of the Day Bonus awarded daily

The bonus is given to the first player with the highest Hand of that day. So the first player with Royal Flush will win the bonus.

Titan Poker Bad Beat Bonus

If you’re playing a real-money Texas Hold’em ring game and you lose the showdown to a hand of KKKK or more, then you’ll be able to claim a Bad Beat bonus payout.

Bad Beat Bonus Rules

  • 4 Kings or Better must be beaten in order to qualify.
  • Pocket cards must be used in both the winning and losing hand.

To claim this bonus, you must email: [email protected]

Prize Payout:

$250 goes to qualifying losing hand

Only available in Texas Holdem ring tables (tournament don’t apply)

150% up to $600 Bonus

Titan Poker Bonus code: WAP

Download TitanPokerTitan Poker bonus Code