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Published: 30th January 2014 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 11th December 2023

twister pokerTwister Poker is a new SNG game available on the iPoker Network, players can win a jackpot prize which could be up to 1,000 times the buy-in.

The new exciting poker game is a winner takes all SNG game where three players can participate and the winner gets the random jackpot prize.

A player can register for these tournaments for as little as $1 and could walk away with up to a $1,000 jackpot prize.

The new concept is available exclusive on iPoker network sites: Titan Poker & WinnerPoker.

Twister Poker

Twister Poker is a new SNG poker game with a twist, the tournaments are a three-hand SNG tournaments where the prize pool will be determined after three players have registered.

The Twister Jackpot wheel will spin before the tournament begins to let players know what random prize they are playing for.

The minimum winning amount will always be at least twice the buy-in or up to a maximum of 1,000 times the buy-in in these winner take all tournaments.

twister poker jackpot

This unique new poker game is exclusive to iPoker Network sites which include the popular Titan Poker and WinnerPoker.

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Twister Poker – How to Play

  • Twister Poker is located in the lobby under the Twister tab, only three players can register for each tournament.
  • Select the buy-in amount ($1-$10) and how many games you want to register and play (up to 6 games simultaneously).
  • $1 games offer up to a $1,000 jackpot prize and $10 games offer up to a $10,000 prize pool.
  • The Twister Poker jackpot wheel will spins prior to the tournament starting so players will know what prize is at stake.
  • The winner of the tournament will get the entire jackpot prize pool.

Each Twister Poker game has a tournament fee and a jackpot fee, the poker room takes the tournament fee and the jackpot fee will be used for the random Twister Poker prizes.

Twister Poker has four different buy-in amounts: $1, $2, $5, $10.

Buy-inTournament FeeJackpot Fee

The random prize pool could be any amount from twice the buy-in amount up to 1,000 the buy-in amount. The maximum Jackpot prize is $10,000 when playing the $10 Twister Poker SNG tournaments.

Twister Poker Jackpot Prizes

The Twister Poker SNG Jackpot is random see the jackpot amounts listed below for all the Twister Poker games.

$1 Buy-In$2 Buy-In$5 Buy-In$10 Buy-In

The more games you played the greater the odds of taking down the biggest jackpot, remember only the winner of these SNG tournaments take the prize.

Twister Poker features a random lucky prize pool and players till require some poker skills to win the poker game for the prize.