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Published: 9th November 2013 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 11th December 2023

win cake fast fold pokerWin Cake have launched their Fast Fold Poker game with the latest release of their software, play more poker hands in less time with the addition of the fast fold button.

Players will waste less time waiting for hands to be played out and can instead fold their hand instantly and move to a new table for their next hand.

Fast Fold Poker guarantees more action than the standard poker cash game format, this is one of the few versions of the new poker game that is available to US players.

Win Cake Fast Fold Poker

Experience the fastest poker games on Win Cake Poker software, Fast Fold Poker is a popular poker game which has been made available on several online poker sites under different names.

Fast Fold Poker

win cakefast fold poker

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Win Cake Fast Fold Poker also allows players to play multiple poker tables of the game for even more intense action.

Click the fast fold button at any point throughout the hand and move on to the next table for the next hand against different players. Players are up against a pool of poker players instead of just a single table like a regular cash game.

Fast Fold Poker can be located in the Win Cake lobby by clicking on the poker tab then Fast Fold.

Fast Fold Poker

Originally released by Full Tilt Poker as Rush Poker, fast fold poker has become a popular new poker variant which attracts large pools of players.

Full Tilt Poker had their Rush Poker patent application rejected by the US Patent Office, if Rush Poker had been approved it would have put other poker sites offering Fast Fold poker games at legal risk.

Poker sites that currently offer Fast Fold Poker games include:

Some of these poker sites offer tournament versions of fast fold poker which works on a similar principle except players can be eliminated from a tournament.

Mobile versions of Fast Fold Poker games are also available at selected poker sites, it makes playing mobile poker more exciting.