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Published: 15th March 2013 Written by Online Poker Tournaments
Updated: 9th January 2024

winner poker spring salesGet up to 70% off tournament buy-ins in the Winner Poker Spring Sales promotion. Guaranteed poker tournaments with buy-ins reduced to ridiculously low amounts on WinnerPoker.

For two weeks players can take a trip to value town, buy-in for less and play for more, the Spring Sales tournaments running daily from 25th March – 7th April 2013.

Winner Poker Bonus – 250% up to $2,000

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Winner Poker Spring Sales

Play for $600K in guaranteed tournament prize pools and save up to 70% off on buy-ins in the Winner Poker Spring Sales. Players can win their seat to these tournaments by playing the satellite tournaments to get even more value.

The Spring Sales have huge reductions on the regular buy-ins of biggest guaranteed tournaments on Winner Poker. There are also some Added Value tournaments with low buy-ins to suit players of all stakes.

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See the full Winner Poker Spring Sales schedule below for tournament discounts, guaranteed prizes pools and the reduced buy-in amount.

Winner Poker Spring Sales (25th – 31st March 2013)

SP $20,000 Guaranteed25/03/201320:0050%$25
SP Monday Night Omaha $5,000 Guaranteed25/03/201321:0050%$50
SP $3,500 Guaranteed R/A26/03/201311:4060%$4
SP $10,000 Guaranteed26/03/201319:0050%$25
SP $3,000 Guaranteed R/A27/03/201312:0050%$5
SP $200 Added Value KO27/03/201318:15N/A$2
SP Wednesday $25,000 Guaranteed27/03/201320:3066%$10
SP $1,500 GP Freezeout28/03/201312:4540%$6
SP $15,000 Guaranteed28/03/201320:0066%$5
SP $1,000 GP Freezeout29/03/201310:3050%$5
SP $100 Added Value29/03/201318:00N/A$0.25
SP Friday $50,000 Guaranteed29/03/201319:0070%$30
SP $2,000 GP Freezeout30/03/201314:2050%$10
SP $10,000 Doublestack30/03/201320:4550%$50
SP $20,000 Sunday Warm Up31/03/201316:0050%$40
SP $30,000 GTD Sunday31/03/201319:0060%$40

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Winner Poker Spring Sales (1st – 7th April 2013)

SP $1,500 GP Freezeout01/04/201313:2050%$10
SP Monday $40,000 High Roller01/04/201320:4560%$200
SP $3,500 Guaranteed R/A02/04/201311:4060%$4
SP $500 Added Value02/04/201318:00N/A$5
SP Super Tuesday $40,00002/04/201318:0070%$30
SP $3,000 Guaranteed R/A03/04/201312:0560%$10
SP $7,000 Guaranteed (6-max)03/04/201317:1060%$10
SP $1,500 GP Freezeout04/04/201312:4540%$6
SP $15,000 Guaranteed04/04/201320:0033%$10
SP $1,000 GP Freezeout05/04/201310:3050%$5
SP $20,000 Guaranteed05/04/201319:0050%$15
SP $5,000 Guaranteed06/04/201312:0050%$5
SP $30,000 GP Freezeout06/04/201319:3050%$50
SP $200,000 Mega 100 Seats06/04/201320:3017%$25
SP $200 Added Value07/04/201314:00N/A$0.50
SP $20,000 Sunday Warm Up07/04/201316:0050%$40
SP $200,000 Sunday Special*07/04/201318:0040%$120
SP $30,000 GTD Sunday07/04/201319:0050%$50

Sunday Special* Players rebuy once for only $50 for 5,000 chips, get an additional discount when you rebuy.

Winner Poker Speed Hold’em

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