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Published: 10th November 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 6th December 2023

WSOP 2009 updatesThe WSOP 2009 final table was full of action this year and the main event winner Joseph Cada has now claim the 2009 main event bracelet when he defeated Darvin Moon in the heads-up stage of the 40th anniversary WSOP event.

Twenty-one year old Joe Cada has won the WSOP main event, although Cada has already cashed eleven times in WSOP events. Joseph Cada was the short stack going it to heads-up with Darvin Moon having almost a double stack lead.

The WSOP 2009 had a direct buyin 0f $10,000 with 6,494 players participating in this years main event which has a first place prize of  $8,546,435.

November Nine – Final Table starting stacks

  1. Darvin Moon – 58,930,000 chips
  2. Eric Buchman – 34,800,000 chips
  3. Steven Begleiter  – 29,885,000 chips
  4. Jeff Shulman  – 19,580,000 chips
  5. Joseph Cada  – 13,215,000 chips
  6. Kevin Schaffel  – 12,390,000 chips
  7. Phil Ivey – 9,765,000 chips
  8. Antoine Saout  – 9,500,000 chips
  9. James Akenhead  – 6,800,000 chips

UK player James Akenhead was the first to be sent to the rail with Kevin Schaffel’s pocket nines holding up against Akenhead’s pocket threes sending Akenhead out in Ninth place earning $1,263,602. Kevin Schaffel is then eliminated in 8th place, 20 minutes after Akenhead, when his AA got beat by Eric Buchman KK when the king flopped and another king on the turn giving Eric Buchman four of a kind kings.

Next eliminated was the favorite Phil Ivey from Team Full Tilt Poker who was knocked out by Darvin Moon, Ivey had AK vs Moon’s AQ unluckily for Phil Ivey a queen flopped sending to the rail in 7th place. Darvin Moon knocked out Steve Begleiter in 6th place when Begleiter’s pocket queens got beat by Moon’s AQ with a lucky Ace on the river for Darvin.

Jeff Shulman finished in fifth place when his pocket sevens were beat by Antoine Saout cards A-9 with a nine flopping giving Saout the higher pair. Eric Buchman was out next in fourth place with A-5 vs Darvin Moon’s K-J followed by Antoine Saout who was eliminated in third place with pocket eights against Joseph Cada’s A-K with a king coming through on the river card. It was then down to the final two heads-up with Darvin Moon vs Joe Cada.

WSOP 2009 Heads-up Darvin Moon vs Joseph Cada

darvin moon

Darvin Moon – 124,400,000 chips

joe cada

Joseph Cada – 70,400,000 chips

Joe Cada raises to $3,000,000 and Darvin Moon calls, the flop reveals Tc 5d 9h. Both players check and a Td is dealt on the turn and Darvin Moon goes all-in, Joe Cada calls with Jh 9d against Moon’s 7s-8s Joe Cada wins the hand putting him in the chip leader position.

Winning hand WSOP 2009

Joe Cada raises to $3,000,000 with pocket nines Moon re-raises to $8 million holding Qd Jd Cada then pushes all-in and Moon calls

Darvin Moon Qd Jd
Joe Cada 9d 9c
Flop: 8c 2c 7s
Turn: Kh
River: 7c

Joseph Cada is the WSOP 2009 main event winner

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WSOP 2009 player earnings

  1. Joseph Cada – $8,546,435
  2. Darvin Moon – $5,200,000
  3. Antoine Saout – $3.500.000
  4. Eric Buchman – $2.500.000
  5. Jeff Shulman – $1,953,452
  6. Steve Begleiter – $1,587,160
  7. Phil Ivey – $1,404,014
  8. Kevin Schaffel – $1,300,228
  9. James Akenhead – $1,263,602

Joe Cada online at Pokerstars

Joe Cada plays online at PokerStars under the user name jcada99 which is quite ironic since pocket nines was his winning hand. His tournament cashes are quite impressive and he was warming up online for the final table on on the 1st November and made more than $7,000 in one day.

joe cada stats

Cada’s biggest tournament cash online at PokerStars was the 6th September 2009 when he won first place in a $1,050 buy-in event with 712 players and earned $128,827 for his first place finish.

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2009 World Series of Poker ESPN

The WSOP 2009 final table will be broadcast on ESPN on the 10th November at 9:00 – 11:30 p.m according to the ESPN Poker schedule.

WSOP 2009 Video Teaser

WSOP 2009 Darvin Moon

WSOP 2009 Joseph Cada