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Published: 5th November 2015 Written by WSOP, WSOP 2015
Updated: 11th December 2023

wsop final tableOn the 8th November the 2015 November Nine return to the felt, with WSOP Final Table sponsorship deals from 888 Poker to Joe McKeehen, Neil Blumenfield and Tom Cannuli.

Chipleader Joe McKeehen is among the three November Niners to signup for a sponsorship deal with 888poker at the 2015 WSOP Final Table of the Main Event.

Official WSOP sponsors 888poker will have their branding televised on ESPN, ESPN2, WatchESPN, WSOP Live Stream with additional branding from the three finalists wearing 888poker patches on the WSOP Final Table.

WSOP Final Table Sponsorship 888 Poker

The most exciting time of year for poker fans is when the November Nine return to play the WSOP Final Table to determine who will be crowned the next World Series of Poker champion.

Joe McKeehen is a favourite to win as the Chipleader with more than twice the amount of chips in play than any other player. That said we’ve seen some insane comebacks from players on the final table over the years, one of the short stacks could claim the title and bracelet.

Here is a quick breakdown of the 2015 November Nine chip counts as play begins on November 8 at Rio Casino in Las Vegas.

WSOP Final Table

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  1. Zvi Stern (Israel) – 29,800,000 chips
  2. Pierre Neuville (Belgium) – 21,075,000 chips
  3. Josh Beckley (USA) – 10,800,000 chips
  4. Max Steinberg (USA) – 20,200,000 chips
  5. Thomas Cannuli (USA) – 12,250,000 chips
  6. Joe McKeehen (USA) – 64,100,000 chips
  7. Patrick Chan (USA) – 6,225,000 chips
  8. Federico Butteroni (Italy) – 6,200,000 chips
  9. Neil Blumenfield (USA) – 22,000,000 chips

For more information about the 2015 WSOP November Nine finalists click here.

WSOP Payout 2015

Each November Nine player is guaranteed at least a million dollars in the 2015 WSOP final table payout structure. There is not a huge difference in prize money for positions 6-9 in the WSOP payout 2015.

  1. $7,680,021
  2. $4,469,171
  3. $3,397,10
  4. $2,614,558
  5. $1,910,971
  6. $1,426,072
  7. $1,203,193
  8. $1,097,009
  9. $1,001,020


Watch the WSOP on ESPN with live coverage take place between November 8-10 on ESPN, ESPN2 & WatchESPN.

WSOP Main Event Final Table Live
Date: Sunday, November 8
Time: 8:30 pm ET (repeated at 11 pm)
Channel: ESPN2, WatchESPN

WSOP Main Event Final Table Live
Date: Monday, November 9
Time: 8:00pm ET
Channel: ESPN2, WatchESPN

WSOP Main Event Final Table Live
Date: Tuesday, November 10
Time: 9:30 pm ET
Channel: ESPN, WatchESPN

ESPN WSOP 2015 broadcasts are available on these channels but be sure to check your local TV guide for more information.