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Published: 19th June 2015 Written by Poker News
Updated: 9th January 2024

888 poker marketing888 Poker Marketing wins EGR Award 2015 for their creative Battle of Nations campaign where players from around the World competed in a series of daily tournaments.

You’ll always find the best poker promotions running at 888poker, the current promotion is the 888 Poker Million Dollar Money Grab where players can win up to a million dollars.

There will be a new promotion starting soon 888Vault, no details are available yet but it will no doubt be another epic campaign where players can win cash and prizes.

888 Poker Marketing wins EGR Award 2015

The 888 poker marketing team have won the 2015 EGR Award Best Poker Marketing Campaign for the 888 Poker Battle of Nations promotion which took place between February and May 2015. The key criteria for winning the EGR award was innovation and creativity, delivery of brief, understanding customer needs and reaction to market challenges.

The Battle of Nations promo impressed the EGR judges with it creative, innovative and engagement with localized markets in countries worldwide.

888poker were recognized for all the hard work put into the campaign which included:

  • Tournament schedule in time zones of each Country.
  • Country specific artwork used in communications and software.
  • Patriotic concept of appealing to players national and international competitiveness.

The award was well deserved as the 888 poker marketing team always put a great deal of effort into every promotion. Players can win extra cash and prizes by participating in their epic campaigns.

As the official sponsor of the World Series of Poker, 888poker will get worldwide branding recognition over the next few months. Currently rank 2nd for worldwide poker traffic, 888poker are rapidly expanding into new territories including licensed and regulated poker markets.

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