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Published: 21st June 2016 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 9th January 2024

888 poker video highlightsGet personalized 888 Poker video highlights presented in a weekly storyboard featuring your player statistics from the poker games played at 888poker over the week.

Each week all players that have visited the poker tables within the week will receive a link to view their video via email and as a popup message when logging into the 888poker lobby.

Find out how you’ve shaped up at the tables each week with your poker stats turned into a poker video which you can share on social networks and brag to your friends.

Also worth mentioning is the latest Live the Dream Promotion on 888poker, which offers players the chance to win a dream package in the daily Live the Dream tournament.

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888 Poker Video Highlights – Weekly Player Stats

Your personalized poker video will feature interesting stats on your weekly game-play:

  • How many poker hands played.
  • Your biggest winning poker hand.
  • Total tournament knockouts for the Week.
  • Knockouts by Country.
  • Best tournament finishing position.
  • Your Player ranking in your country

See an example of the personalized 888 Poker Video below featuring the weekly stats from DanTheMan:


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The 888 Poker Video Highlights are automatically generated using each players 888poker statistics and millions of active players can watch their weekly personalized video. Share your weekly 888 poker statistics with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp.

The video highlights have been sent out over the last few weeks and stats show that about 10% of these videos have been shared on Social media platforms. The videos have been sent to players in English speaking regions, but there are plans to translate the videos into other languages for other Countries.

All stats are generated from real money poker play in 888poker tournaments and cash games including SNAP poker.

“Poker is a skill game with a lot of statistics, so we can generate very personal and engaging content that can be interesting to the player and even improve their game. The ‘Personalized Video’ is constructed around each player, including deep, personalized info like their gender, nationality, profits, and playing patterns, to create a story the keeps evolving as long as the player stays active, Thus creating a long-term and meaningful connection between the brand and the players.

“Specifically, 888 was looking for a way to engage players in a new and powerful way in order to retain them. By using their stats and behaviour and creating a personalized TV poker series; with a new episode each week, each player can see their progress and compete against themselves and other players.” – 888 Poker Manager

The video marketing solution is provided by Treepodia, who specialize in combining personalized videos based on relevant customer data.