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Published: 31st July 2009 Written by Poker News
Updated: 7th December 2023

FullTit poker has launched new software that allows users to choose the lobby - Classic, Standard or Basic views.

FullTilt Poker have recently upgraded their software platform, If you have not already logged into your account the next time you do you will see all the new changes made aimed at making players at all levels and computing skill levels feel at ease with a much easier to use more user-friendly poker console. FullTilt’s new software allows users to choose one of three different lobby views based on their individual preference.

To summarize the different FullTilt Poker lobby view options users can choose between Basic View, Standard View or Classic view with easy access to change between views at any given time.

Basic View is the simplest of all and provides steps 1 thru 6 to help players choose the game they are looking for, basic view is best for those newbie’s or people lacking internet savvy.

Standard View is the most advanced of all the views and offers new tools and widgets to assist more advanced players.

Classic View as suggested by the name is the old FullTilt Poker lobby view.

Read on to discover the many new features available on the newest version of Full Tilt Poker.

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How to switch between views or back to the old classic FullTilt poker lobby view.

Players can toggle between lobby views by simply clicking or hovering over the lobby tab located a the top left hand corner a drop down menu then appears then select Choose lobby view and select your preferred view.

Basic View

As the name implies FullTilt’s Basic View option is the most simple version of all choices it offers players a step-by-step guide to find the poker game of their choice as well as providing information about each available selection. Basic view is suggested for new players still getting a grip on how these strange poker games work or those not surfing the internet for at least an hour a day. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided to you in Basic View to help make your selection.

Full-Tilt Poker Basic-View

The six step Basic View lobby step by step comprises of:


– Real Money

– Play money

Step 2- TYPE

– Ring Game

– Sit n Go Tournament

Step 3- GAME

– Hold’em

– Omaha Hi

– Omaha H/L

Step 4- LIMIT

– Fixed

– Pot

– No Limit

Step 5- STAKES

– Select your level

Step 6- PLAY

– Play full ring now

– Play 6-max now

– Observe Table

– Browse Table

Standard View

Standard View is the latest full-featured view of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby; it offers even more control over game choices with added features, tools and widgets like Advanced Filters, Favorites and Widgets which add a new level of control to your game. Standard view is recommended for advanced users or those who are quite comfortable navigating their way round the software and offers the best view available to players of FullTiltPoker.

Standard lobby view

Full Tilt’s Advanced Filters and Favorites

While in Standard View you will be able to fully customize the Full Tilt Poker lobby, players can utilize the Browse tab that permits a search through every ring game, Sit & Go and tournament currently happening at Full-Tilt-Poker. Advanced Filters provide the user with an easy-to-use tool to search through the many games to find the game of their choice with the option to save your search criteria and also add Favorites.

Full Tilt Lobby Widgets

FullTilt Poker’s lobby widgets allow one to add tools to the lobby based on preference or need, the widgets are only accessible by those playing the Standard lobby view version and provide the information you require a glance. FullTilt’s Lobby Widgets are located just underneath the game clock.

FTP Odometer widget keeps score of you FTP points.

Join Waiting List / View Table Buttons Widget gives details about any ring-game at Full Tilt. The View Tables button allows you to watch the any table without sitting down to play. The Add Me To Waiting List button puts you in line for a seat on a full table.

Player List Window for Ring Games shows details about currently seated players along with their chip stack counts.

Tournament Types Icon Legend shows small icons based on the type of game, hover over them to see the full descriptions.

Session Information Widget provides detailed info regarding your current playing session.

Go To Tourney Lobby / Register Now Buttons Widget gives details about Sit n Go and tournaments. The Go To Tourney Lobby button opens the tournament lobby. The Register Now button registers you for the tournament.

Tournament Info Window provides information about the selected tournament including the tournament name, starting time and prize pool.

Mixed Games Icon Legend gives details on your Mixed Games choices.

Mini-Cashier details all your Cashier information allowing you to see the remaining real money available that’s which is stuck In Play plus you grand total it also adds an easy Deposit button without needing to open up the full Cashier.

Iron Man Status Specifically keeps tack of your Iron Man Challenge status by showing the points you’ve earned toward your Iron Man status.

FTP Academy Challenge Status widget shows updated details related to Full Tilt’s Academy challenge.

To customize FullTilt Poker Lobby Widgets

Click the Customize button at the bottom right of the Standard View game lobby which opens the Customize Lobby Widgets window, next, use the Customize Lobby Widgets window to enable or disable Widgets and arrange their order then click OK to save your settings. Expanding the lobby vertically will enable you to view more widgets at the same time alternatively you can use the arrow buttons at the right side of the lobby to scroll through your widgets.

FullTiltPoker Standard View other new features include:

– Instructional poker videos featuring Team Full Tilt and Full Tilt Poker pros.

– The lobby is now vertically resizable.

– A newly added Message Area highlights upcoming events.

Classic View

Classic View is the good old original Full Tilt Poker game lobby should you not like the newly developed alternate lobbies you can easily switch back to Full Tilt Classic view by clicking the lobby tab located at the top left hand then select Choose lobby view and select Classic View to return to the old version of FullTilt Poker’s lobby.

The old Classic View

Full Tilt Poker Hotkeys

Here is the latest list of Full Tilt Poker Hotkeys

Ctrl+T Find Tournament by ID #

Ctrl+R Registered in Tournaments

Ctrl+D Check My Disconnect Time balance

Ctrl+M Auto Muck On/Off

Ctrl+B Display Bet Amounts

Ctrl+P Display Pot Totals

Ctrl+S Open Up Cashier

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