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Published: 26th November 2012 Written by Promotion Poker
Updated: 3rd December 2023

888poker play with friends888Poker Private Games is not a new feature, it was originally released as 888 Poker Lounges in lobby but has since been changed to ‘Play with Friends’. The software allows players to customize and create their own private poker tournaments or cash games.

Players can invite family and friends to play their private online poker games, this is a great alternative to hosting your own poker home games.

Some might argue that playing poker online against friends is not as social as live poker games, this is where 888Poker is different, players can use their webcams on the table which offers real time video and sounds of all the players at the table.

It is so close to playing live poker except for actually having to dealing cards, sorting out split pots or winnings and long waiting times between hands. Players can have the same amount of fun 888Poker Private Games.

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888Poker – Play with Friends

Ever wanted to create your own poker tournament or play Cash Games against your friends around the World? Then 888Poker might be the answer to your solution. It’s really easy to set-up, customize and create poker games which you will have full control over, this includes various game types, buy-in amounts and who has access to play your private poker game.

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How To create 888poker Private Games

Follow the steps and create your personalized poker games online at 888Poker, download the software and sign up for a free account then:

  1. Login to the 888Poker lobby, click on the ‘Play with friends’ tab
  2. Click ‘Create New Game’ and select ‘Create New Tournament’ or ‘Create New Cash Game’.
  3. Customize your ‘Game name’, ‘Game password’, ‘Starting date and time’.
  4. Then click on ‘Create’ to publish your poker game in the lobby.

Invite your friends to your 888poker Private Game

After creating your private poker game you will have two options to invite friends to play through email or by sharing on the social networks like Facebook.

Using email, the event creator can enter their email address when confirming the event, an email will be sent with all the details of your event (game name & game password) which can be forwarded to all the players you wish to invite to your event.

Players can also use the share option, a link will be provided to share your event details on Facebook, Twitter, Skype or poker forums, this method is not as private as the email option.

Joining an 888poker Private Game

Joining a private game on 888Poker is just as easy, however a Game Name and Game Password is required to register or join a private game. Players can click on the ‘Play with friends’ then ‘join a game’ tab to enter the name and password of the tournament or cash game.